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NEWS: Nervosa give the command!

If you haven’t heard “Perpetual Chaos“, the new album from the new line up of Brazilian Thrash quartet Nervosa as yet then here’s something to sink your teeth into. Featuring a guest appearance from Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer, the bassist and vocalist of German Blackened Thrash Metal pioneers Destruction, the ladies have shared a lyric video

Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #2!

After last week’s introduction to new bassist Mia Winter Wallace (ex-Abbath), the now multi national all female Thrash Metal outfit Nervosa have chosen the only woman left standing from the original line up in guitarist Prika Amaral for the second of their video biographies. If you missed it, their new album and first together with

Playthrough: “Venomous” from Nervosa!

If “Perpetual Chaos” the new album from the re-tooled all female Thrash quartet Nervosa isn’t already ringing in your ear drums, then you might want to check out this guitar playthrough from the sole remaining original member Prika Amaral for “Venomous“. No longer based in San Paulo with new members in vocalist Diva Satanica of

Documentary: Nervosa Introductions #1!

As part of the promotional work around their new album “Perpetual Chaos” the re-tooled Brazilian Thrash quartet Nervosa have completed a collection of video biographies to introduce the new line up. The first of these sees new bassist Mia Winter Wallace, known for her work on “Outstrider“, the second studio album by Norwegian Black Metal

Playthrough: “Guided by Evil” from Nervosa!

More specifically from Mia Wallace, one of the new additions to the Brazilian Thrash quartet that recorded their newly released album “Perpetual Chaos“. The bassist is known for her work in Triumph of Death, Niryth and Abbath, with whom she recorded “Outstrider“, a Norwegian Black Metal classic. So here she is armed with a white

Interview: Nervosa chat to Little Punk People!

As the re-tooled Brazilian Thrash act Nervosa have dropped a new album in “Perpetual Chaos” via Napalm Records a week ago, frontwoman Diva Satanica, also in Bloodhunter, is the latest to chat to Elliott Fulham for Little Punk People. While the line up changes leave guitarist Prika Amaral the only original member, pre-release singles “Guided