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Review: “Ascendant Blasphemy” by Plague Weaver

Originally starting out as the solo project of multi instrumentalist RM in 2018, it was a year before Plague Weaver unveiled their self titled release and two before “Through The Sulphur Eyes” saw his Mississauga, Ontario Canadian Black Metal creations brought to life by vocals from Rad Zarei as a session musician and unleash hell

NEWS: Plague Weaver step forth from the black…

Taking us one step closer to their new album “Ascendant Blasphemy“, the highly anticipated follow up to the well received “Through The Sulphur Eyes” on 26th February, Canadian Black Metal duo Plague Weaver have chosen “Deicidal Usurper” to whet your appetite into a pre-order over at bandcamp. The overarching theme of the album is one

NEWS: Plague Weaver believe “Nothing Is Sacred”?

26th February 2021 is the date that Ontario Canada’s Plague Weaver have set for their bleak debut full length offering “Ascendant Blasphemy“. Originally birthed as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist RM with a session vocalist, he is now joined by partner in crime JC who takes care of lyrics and vocal arrangements as they combine

Review: “Through The Sulphur Eyes” by Plague Weaver

Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario Plague Weaver is a project of multi instrumentalist RM who has created a conjoined twin of Doom and Black Metal in formulating a gripping and icy sound. This sophomore release sees session vocalist Rad Zarei on board while Derryl Vi adds a guest solo to “Unchained” as it follows on from