Review: “Through The Sulphur Eyes” by Plague Weaver

Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario Plague Weaver is a project of multi instrumentalist RM who has created a conjoined twin of Doom and Black Metal in formulating a gripping and icy sound. This sophomore release sees session vocalist Rad Zarei on board while Derryl Vi adds a guest solo to “Unchained” as it follows on from the self titled debut EP released in March 2019…

…”Through The Sulphur Eyes” is nothing short of bleak in its prayer styled spoken word introduction that threatens like feelings of nausea to burst into life as Zarei’s evil vocal tones sound like a demon threatening to destroy the World. A brooding and dark atmospheric is built on foundations of Black Metal riffs at Doom Metal tempo which are a little bit more polished than some of the raw sounding material leeching out of the genres at the moment. “The Traveller” continues that like the second chapter of a black book with slow lurching cadence and tension that you could cut with a knife. The edge of the seat lyrics are delivered like an incantation with subtle pitch changes that build on the oppressive sounds. Switching the pace with “Descent” which has a more traditional Black Metal approach in both the raw chain driven riffs, some bigger percussive sounds and deeper vocal roars. It has to it a the same sense of oppressive atmosphere yet also epic grandeur as it depicts the journey to hell. Just as captivating “Unchained” has a bright solo that shouldn’t work on paper but acts as a lightening rod to the weighty, grim exorcism and malevolent corrosion of the rhythmic crawling through subtle nuances. “Alchemy” echoes the darkness of solitary confinement with a mournful brooding introduction before Zarei begins to rant with the festering of the inner voice of the mentality deranged. The plague is upon us and this is the beginning of the end [7/10]

Track listing

1. Through The Sulphur Eyes (4:38)
2. The Traveller (4:20)
3. Descent (4:24)
4. Unchained (ft. Derryl Vi) (5:22)
5. Alchemy (4:51)

Through The Sulphur Eyes” by Plague Weaver is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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