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NEWS: Mass Worship strike three with “Orcus Mouth”!

The truth is often stranger thank fiction and with Jonas Stålhammar of At The Gates practicing in the same building that Mass Worship were recording “Portal Tombs” getting him to drop his magic touch on third single  “Orcus Mouth” was a no brainer. Add another guest in Jonas Renkse of Katatonia and Bloodbath doing clean

NEWS: Mass Worship drown in fear…

“Paramount to life is the acceptance of death, and to lead a life facing our inevitable end head-on”, say Mass Worship about “Revel In Fear”, the latest song taken from “Portal Tombs”. The forthcoming new album which is due for a release on 4th February 2022 has been described as a terrifying but electrifying exploration of

NEWS: Mass Worship return with “Portal Tombs”!

Set for release on 4th February 2022, “Portal Tombs” is a terrifying but electrifying exploration of the gloomy depths of human nature: a monolithic manifestation of the sonic assault on the senses that is Mass Worship. The band spent a big part of 2020-2021 in their native Stockholm Sweden, locked inside, writing and recording new