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NEWS: Existentialist map out 2024 shows!

Purveyors of Blackened Death Metal hailing from the deepest, darkest recesses of Essex that are Existentialist have outlined their shows for the rest of 2024. Signed to Seek & Strike Records, the band, who also dabble in Technical Deathcore, will celebrate a year of their album “The Heretic” at the end of April before paying

NEWS: Existentialist escape The Heretic?

A thing of beauty, Essex Blackened Death Metal five piece [that makes them sound like a meal from KFC. Do you want fries with that? Ten legged would probably be worse! ~ Ed] Existentialist have unveiled a full on music video of new cut “Shrouded In Darkness” from their sophomore album and Seek And Strike Records

NEWS: Existentialist pummel with “The Zealot’s Demise”!

“In the wake of this dispossession we welcome the pain, So ends their reign. Witness the ecclesiarch flee, Like rats from the sinking ship of lies. Flames at their backs, burning the hands that guide you, Murder each other to escape our wrath. No more martyrs for me to despise. Lead to the slaughter helplessly.

NEWS: Existentialist sign with Seek & Strike Records!

Seek & Strike Records, the label home of Upon A Burning Body and Orbit Culture to name but a few, have announced the signing of Essex Blackened Death Metal act Existentialist. The bands upcoming sophomore album “The Heretic” will be released via the label with  “Embers Upon Calvary” as the first single, one which features