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Review: “Rebirth:1220” EP by Alpha Virus

Huston Texas powerhouse quartet Alpha Virus have been incredibly prolific of late. Featuring Brendan Murphy of  Still_Bloom on bass, they dropped their debut EP “Abysswalker” in 2018 and just a couple of months later followed it up with a full length and concept album “The Neglect Effect”. Also finding the time to tour with The

NEWS: Alpha Virus share Trauma Model plans!

Huston Texas Downtempo Deathcore crew Alpha Virus believe that there is one thing heavier than the all consuming gravitational pull of a black hole. Traitors. They’ve returned with “Bodybag” from their 11th October EP “Trauma Model” and follows up “Rebirth:1220” a 4 track 12 minute EP that they released in July….