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NEWS: Usquam revert to type with “Tempus Edax Rerum”?

Rewinding the clock back just over twelve months to their EP “Reborn“, French Death Metal infused Black Metal outfit Usquam have shared a freshly created music video for “Tempus Edax Rerum” directed by Elliot Di Carlo and shot by the CIFACOM Paris team in May 2022. As you might expect, the clip is a dark

The Black Map #201: King Abyss from Uttoxeter!

After our trip from Manchester and Footprints In The Custard to Devon and Kill All The Gentlemen, this week’s entry in The Black Map, our weekly look at one of the lessee lights of heaven from the United Kingdom Underground Metal scene finds us in Uttoxeter. For those not great at Geography [and as we

NEWS: King Abyss January Weekender with Shrike!

While others have fallen by the wayside and international tours seem to be limited at best at the moment, Midlands Thrash act and destroyers of Worlds King Abyss remain f***ing determined to give their departing guitarist Jay a decent send off. So they have four shows with Shrike, running Thursday to Sunday at which mosh pits

NEWS: Usquam hail the God of Mars!

Mixing Black and Death Metal both wild and melodic, Usquam astounded with their EP “Reborn” which caught the attention of WormHoleDeath Records who re-released it. The band have now shared a lyric video for “Hail To Mars” which is like howling at the moon and baying for blood for science fiction lovers in tribute to

Review: “Reborn” by Usquam

Originally released at the end June digitally, French Blackened Death Metallers Usquam inked a deal in blood with WormHoleDeath Records for the re-release of their debut EP “Reborn“, a record themed on dark philosophy and inspired by the observation of a world oscillating between decline and progress. As a trio Alwan (bass), Draugr (guitars) and

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Disappointing Albums of 2020!

Before we look forward to 2021 with “Underground Metal Bands To Watch” and “Most Anticipated Releases” entries in our Listmania Awards Season, we have to touch on the most disappointing albums of 2020. These are records which we were excited about based on the bands previous output and pre-release singles which then… fell flat when

NEWS: Netherblade get “Braindamage”!

Italian Thrash quintet Netherblade formed in 2016, rising from the ashes of previous outfit Blindeath in the back streets of Milan. The success of their debut 2018 EP “Annihilation of Self” landed them a deal with Volcano Records for their 2020 offering “Reborn”. From that album they’ve selected “Braindamage” for the lyric video treatment…

Review: “Reborn” by Netherblade

Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of Milan Metallers Blindeath during 2016, Netherblade are an Italian Thrash quintet who mean business, launching themselves with their debut single “Thieves Den” via ETN Records at the end of that year. Their debut EP “Annihilation of Self” appeared in 2018, the band channeling their instincts and sharping

NEWS: Nothing is Real for Netherblade?

A second single from Italian Thrash quintet Netherblade sees them returning with an uppercut in “Nothing Is Real“. Nothing to do with Ill Nino, the track follows the left hook of the title track from their upcoming album “Reborn” as the band ascend following their 2018 debut EP “Annihilation of Self”. The album is out 16th

NEWS: Netherblade get “Reborn”!

Formed from the ashes of Blindeath in 2016, Italian Thrash Metallers Netherblade are set to follow up their 2018 EP “Annihilation of Self” with their debut full length record “Reborn” on 16th October through Dark Hammer Legion/Volcano Records. The 10 track affair marks the band recording debut with guitarist Davide Zacco and has seen comparisons with Exodus,