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Documentary: The Making Of “The Path To Bedlam” with Sublation!

A couple of weeks back Technical Death Metal beast Sublation, the brainchild of former¬†Fisthammer duo Max Svalgard and Danny Piselli unvieled a Frankenstein’s monster of a creation in “The Path To Bedlam“, a record for which the title could not be more appropriate. They’ve now shared a featurette that documents the process of piecing together

Review: “The Path To Bedlam” Sublation

Having set the tone and built some anticipation by releasing a couple of demos in 2021, Sublation¬†prepared the ground for their debut full length album “The Path To Bedlam” with a bombing run before moving in with their metaphorical Troops of Doom.¬†The cold dark embrace of Technical Death Metal is the vehicle of choice for

NEWS: Italian Metallers pay tribute to In Flames!

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of “Clayman” by Gothenburg Sweden Melodic Death Metallers In Flames six Italian Metal vocalists have joined forces to record a truly unique cover. Those vocalists are Ciro Silvano from JumpsScare, Francesco Xella of Hellucination, Jel Doublerice from Despite Exile, Eddy Scissorhands of ROT, Miriam Granatiello from Nebulae and Rocco