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NEWS: Spoil Engine return with a Pantera cover!

There is little doubt that the most underrated Pantera album is 2000’s “Reinventing The Steel“, perhaps simply because they did so much that was great, that it gets pushed down the order of things. Our personal favourite track from that album just so happens to be “Yesterday Don’t Mean Sh!t“, a cut that Belgian and

NEWS: Spoil Engine “Unlock And Release”!

Following the success of their 2019 album “Renaissance Noire“ Belgian female fronted Groove Metallers Spoil Engine were invited to play 2020’s incarnation of 70,000 Tonnes of Metal. Oh how the World turned from there. Returning with a new single in tribute to the late The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint and the Punks that make the

Playthrough: New Spoil Engine riffs!

Amazingly, the change to hear some new Spoil Engine material has been provided to us by of all people Gojira. The Frenchmen launched their new Neural DSP plugin and passed it to Steven ‘gaze’ Sanders, the sole remaining founding member of the Belgian Groove Metal act, the first from their nation to sign for Roadrunner

Bootleg: “Frostbite” from Spoil Engine!

…with rehearsals well under way for the 10th October Sound of Noise socially distanced show in Belgium that will see them joined by Dyscordia and Evil Invaders, Spoil Engine have shared “Frostbite” from the sessions. The original appears on their current album “Renaissance Noire“, out now via Arising Empire…

NEWS: Spoil Engine trapped in a “Golden Cage”!

When you’re lucky enough to be joined by Jeff Walker of Carcass fame for a single, you know that you need to make the most of it. Female fronted part Belgian part Dutch Arising Empire signings Spoil Engine did exactly that with single “The Hallow” one of the stant out tracks on their November 2019

Playthrough: Spoil Engine riffs from “Renaissance Noire”!

Freshly returned from the 70000 Tonnes of Metal cruise, guitarist Steven “Gaze” Sanders from Belgian Melodic Thrash Metalcore quartet Spoil Engine has laid down the guantlet with a playthrough video that features a collection of riffs from the bands recently released album “Renaissance Noire“. Having already gone in deep on the drum tracking, you can

Bootleg: Spoil Engine at 70000 Tonnes of Metal!

Belgian female fronted Groove Metallers Spoil Engine dropped “Renaissance Noire“ via Arising Empire in November 2019 with a lyric video for “Venom” and were perhaps a surprise choice for this year’s incarnation of 70000 Tonnes of Metal. Here’s a trio of cuts culled from their set, including the obvious choice “Black Sails“!  

Playthrough: “Venom” from Spoil Engine!

Matthias Quaars otherwise know as the drummer for Belgian Metallers Spoil Engine has returned for another episode of “Behind The Drums” with a look at “Venom”. The track comes from the bands new album “Renaissance Noire” which is of course out now.

Documentary: Behind The Scenes of Spoil Engine!

As new album “Renaissance Noire” from from Belgian female fronted Groove Metal quartet Spoil Engine just a couple of weeks old, drummer Matthijs Quaars takes us behind the scenes of “The Hollow” which features a guest appearance from Jeff Walker of Carcass fame and “R!ot”. They’ve also announced they’ll be playing Durbury Rock Festival in

NEWS: Spoil Engine spit “Venom”!

As “Renaissance Noire“, the new Spoil Engine album has dropped today via Arising Empire, the female fronted band have dropped a lyric video for “Venom”, complete with their black on white splatter vinyl edition in the background! You can pick up a copy here.