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Exclusive Interview: Vesuvian talk “Devotion To Infinity”!

In Seattle Washington a storm has been brewing as members and former members of The Fabled, Ocean of Obsession, Beldom, Igne Irae, Silent Uprising got together to reform brutal Power Metal act Vesuvian who had started out in 2015 with EP “Lahar“. Original member vocalist/lyricist RJ Mitchell remains at the helm of the project and after

Bootleg: “In Waves” from Trivium!

Filmed in Chicago Illinois on 21st October, this cut of “In Waves” from Trivium was recorded in the absence of frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy and instead features the vocal pipes of Light The Torch frontman Howard Jones (ex-Blood Has Been Shed, Killswitch Engage, The Devil You Know) and the guitar talents of Rest Repose

Spotlight: Scream Challenge!

About a month ago, Jared Dines of Rest, Repose fame challenged Metal fans to scream to break the myth that “metal screaming doesn’t take talent”. The full clip is right here and the myth is well an truly crushed within seconds. Getting the type of person who would that kind of statement to watch it

Interview: Rest, Repose on Gear Masters!

Tony Cappocchi, bassist in Rest, Repose spoke to Digital Tour Bus as part of their long running Gear Masters series. Talking all things bass and the bands self-titled full length, the recording took place on the recently completed The American Safari Tour with Drewsif Stalin and Home Team.

Interview: Rest Repose in Illinois!

Filmed on 15th June 15 at Wire in Berwyn, Illinois, Digital Bust Invaders caught up with Multi Instrumentalist, Comedian and YouTuber Jared Dines band Rest, Repose. The band are currently supporting their self titled effort which is available over at bandcamp.

NEWS: “Heavy Vs Heavy” from Jared Dines!

Multi-Instrumentalist Jared Dines put out a new video in which he smashes out 10 riffs and asks us the age old question “which is heaviest?”. Our favourite Rest, Repose drummer has once again delivered a banger. If you’re not aware of his YouTube channel… where have you been? Under a rock? In a coma? Lost on