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Bootleg: Sepultura at Festival De Inverno De Garanhuns 2022!

Back in their native Brazil at Festival De Inverno De Garanhuns 2022 on 27th July, this pro-shot full set from Sepultura has emerged to give us 82 minutes of material to lighten the mood after a stressful week. Intriguingly it finds the band pull “Corrupted” from “Roorback” out of the bag in unexpected fashion alongside

Bootleg: “Apes Of God” from Sepultura!

The opportunity to own “Live In San Paulo” from Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura on vinyl for the first time has appeared with pre-orders for a 24th June release appearing here. A 2022 remaster of the album originally released in 2005 as a career spanning set that celebrates the revival of the band at the end

NEWS: Sepultura give new life to “Apes Of God”!

It has to be said that “Roorback” was the album that began the revival for Sepultura after two albums that had some good songs but were more inconsistent. Joined by Rob Cavestany from Death Angel, they’ve recut the previously released video from the SepulQuatra sessions for “Apes Of God” which will appear on the bands

Listmania: 10 Years of “Kairos” by Sepultura!

It’s been a little while since we did one of these but as 2021 sees not only the 20th Anniversary of the second Sepultura album with Derrick Green and their last with Roadrunner Records but also the 10th Anniversary of their album “Kairos“, we’ve decided to go over the second half of the bands life

Playthrough: “Isolation” from Sepultura!

Finally the wait is over for 2003’s “Roorback” by Sepultura to surface for air on Spotify. An album that features the brilliance that is “Mind War“, it literally was a roar back from a beast to defy the critics who claimed the Brazilian Thrash Gods were washed up. Seventeen years on and the band unleashed

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #26 from Sepultura!

Had it not been for the Global situation in 2020, we’d have had Brazilian Metallers Sepultura upon our shores for a run of dates in June and our very own Raging Speedhorn would have been sharing a stage with them. But that’s what might have been and this is very much what is; episode #26

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #8 from Sepultura!

The eighth installment of the weekly interview series from Sepultura might be one that some of us struggle with because unlike the previous offerings, it’s in Portuguese. That being said, it will no doubt make a lot of the bands Brazilian fans very happy, especially as guitarist Andreas Kisser gets to chat with the legend