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Bootleg: “The Meek” from Shuulak!

Masters of alchemy Shuulak have shared a live rendition of “The Meek” from their set at Rage Against Racism that took place on 18th June. The Dutch Traditional Metal outfit who have a trio of EPs to their name have reached their eighth anniversary together with the cut originally appearing on 2018’s “Albedo” and subsequently

Bootleg: “Unholy Fire” from Shuulak!

Filmed at Little Devil in Tilburg Netherlands, here’s “Unholy Fire” from Shuulak. Originally appearing on the bands 2017 EP “Nigredo“, it’s a fans favourite with nearly 90k of Spotify streams as the band have plotted a course across the seven seas telling stories of man’s obsession with self destruction and alchemy with a love of

Exclusive Interview: Shuulak talk influences, lyrics and “Rubedo”!

Unveiling the final part of a saga in “Rubedo“, Dutch Metal act Shuulak have been exploring Man’s obsession with things that could only serve to destroy him, telling the tales of the alchemists’ path to enlightenment and the myriad ways desires for greatness inevitably end in madness and depravity. Those tales have been enthralling and

Review: “Rubedo” by Shuulak

Although they didn’t release their debut EP until 2017 in “Nigredo“, Dutch Metal quintet Shuulak were forged from the fires of previous musical collaborations in 2014 with a shared interest in alchemy and the occult providing inspiration for their dark creations. That record serves as the first of a tetralogy, which tells of alchemical enlightenment