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Playthrough: “Cult 404” from Sharks In Your Mouth!

Italian stallions Sharks In Your Mouth may have always been a predominantly Metalcore band with Post-Hardcore influences but with this guitar playthrough video for last years single “Cult 404” (complete with tabs on screen!) they’ve unveiled a distinctive Deathcore logo; perhaps that’s not the most surprising news however as the band have been announced for

Planet Metal #1: Italy!

Following the success of our Black Map feature that looks at the UK Underground Metal scene and pays some attention to the lesser lights of heaven, following the example of Pinky and the Brain, we’ve set our sights on conquering the World.  So each month we’re going to be picking an country and five bands

NEWS: Shark In Your Mouth create a cult?

2019 saw Italian Metalcore act Sharks In Your Mouth rename their long in the works debut album “Covenant” to “Sacrilegious” and a few singles later they’ve announced a sophomore effort named “Cult 404” is on the way with the title track landing on Planet Metal in music video form. Whether “Gone” or “Take What You

Playthrough: “As Above So Below” from Sharks In Your Mouth!

Sharks In Your Mouth guitarist Valerio Quirini has picked up his Overload guitar for a playthrough video directed by Simone Giglio for “As Above So Below” from the bands summer album “Sacrilegious“. The Ancona, Italy natives like a bit of DJent and a bit of Post-Hardcore so expect a bit of that. You can pick

NEWS: Sharks In Your Mouth seek the “Sinner”!

It was a heck of a long wait for any new material from Sharks In Your Mouth and whether that was because material from the proposed album “Covenant” was scrapped or shelved remains a mystery. The Italians finally delivered a long awaited new album however in “Sacrilegious” and from that comes single “Sinner” which is

Playthrough: “Sacrilegious” by Sharks In Your Mouth!

Three parts of Sharks In Your Mouth have joined forces for a guitar and bass playthrough of the title track from their oven fresh new album “Sacrilegious”! Using Overload guitars are Valerio Quirini and Daniele Monaldi, while using a Dingwall bass is Diego Nardelli. They want you to join the covenant but you’ll need to

NEWS: Sharks In Your Mouth… Fall from the sky!

For 90% of album releases, Friday is THE release day. Everyone who is anyone does the deal and vaguely attempts to bring your favourite streaming services to a grinding halt due to their latest material being hit up 100,000 times in second. Not so for Sharks In Your Mouth. They’ve decided that Monday is the

NEWS: Sharks In Your Mouth bring “Sacrilegious”!

Brescia Italian Metalcore with Post-Hardcore influences Sharks In Your Mouth appear to have renamed their long in the works album “Covenant” the follow up to 2016’s “Promises”. Now with a release date of 21st July, the quintet are calling it “Sacrilegious” with this cut being the title track!