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Playthrough: “As Above So Below” from Sharks In Your Mouth!

Sharks In Your Mouth guitarist Valerio Quirini has picked up his Overload guitar for a playthrough video directed by Simone Giglio for “As Above So Below” from the bands summer album “Sacrilegious“. The Ancona, Italy natives like a bit of DJent and a bit of Post-Hardcore so expect a bit of that. You can pick

NEWS: Sharks In Your Mouth seek the “Sinner”!

It was a heck of a long wait for any new material from Sharks In Your Mouth and whether that was because material from the proposed album “Covenant” was scrapped or shelved remains a mystery. The Italians finally delivered a long awaited new album however in “Sacrilegious” and from that comes single “Sinner” which is

Playthrough: “Sacrilegious” by Sharks In Your Mouth!

Three parts of Sharks In Your Mouth have joined forces for a guitar and bass playthrough of the title track from their oven fresh new album “Sacrilegious”! Using Overload guitars are Valerio Quirini and Daniele Monaldi, while using a Dingwall bass is Diego Nardelli. They want you to join the covenant but you’ll need to

NEWS: Sharks In Your Mouth… Fall from the sky!

For 90% of album releases, Friday is THE release day. Everyone who is anyone does the deal and vaguely attempts to bring your favourite streaming services to a grinding halt due to their latest material being hit up 100,000 times in second. Not so for Sharks In Your Mouth. They’ve decided that Monday is the

NEWS: Sharks In Your Mouth bring “Sacrilegious”!

Brescia Italian Metalcore with Post-Hardcore influences Sharks In Your Mouth appear to have renamed their long in the works album “Covenant” the follow up to 2016’s “Promises”. Now with a release date of 21st July, the quintet are calling it “Sacrilegious” with this cut being the title track!