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Bootleg: (hed)p.e. in Great Falls Montana!

A career spanning set that finds (hed)p.e. starting with new song “No Way Out” and finishing with the classic that is “Renegade” from the “Detox” album release tour? Caught on camera on 20th January at Newberry in Great Falls Montana, this one serves as a reminder of just how good the band are in the

NEWS: (hed)p.e.! Nonpoint! The Union Underground! Soil! November 2024!

In what amounts to a US Nu-Metal invasion, (hed)p.e. have announced they will be joining Nonpoint and The Union Underground in supporting Soil as they tear across the United Kingdom playing their 2001 album “Scars” in full. The shows will take place in November, begging the question of just how many musicians will be on stage

Documentary: (hed)p.e. on Bus Invaders!

Filmed while on “The Million Watts Tour” with Nonpoint, Sumo Cyco and VRSTY outside the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, another episode of the iconic bus invaders series from Digital Tour Bust finds (hed)p.e. joking about the lack of a sense of smell in their tour bus. If you missed it the Nu-Metal outfit are on

Bootleg: “Renegade” from (hed)p.e.!

The ink from Jim “Taz” Evans (Metallica, Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails) may barely be dry on the bands fifteenth album “Detox” but that hasn’t stopped (hed)p.e. taking the Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Deftones, Static-X) mixed and mastered affair back on the road. Filmed at the Green Bay Wisconsin show at the Epic Event Centre on

Throwback: “Ordo An Chao” from (hed)p.e.!

They may have dropped a new album in December in “Detox” and have the 20th anniversary of “Only In Amerika” coming up in October but when you’ve got a discography as deep as G-Punk pioneers (hed)p.e. then there is always going to be something else. Three weeks ago it was the 15th anniversary of “New

NEWS: (hed)p.e. want you to fill their cup!

A music video for “Pour My Wine” directed and animated by Remy Dovianus who co-wrote the track with Jared Gomes is a thing of beauty with Ant-Man vibes but is Paul Rudd in the suit? The track of course takes pride of place on the new (hed)p.e. album “Detox” which is out now via Suburban

NEWS: No way out but through for (hed)p.e.!

The next chapter of the graphic novel of videos accompanying the new album “Detox” from Nu-Metal mainstays (hed)p.e. has arrived on Planet X via the bands label home Suburban Noize Records. An obvious choice for a single, old school jam and opening cut “No Way Out” is the one of choice for another tale of

Bootleg: “Let’s Ride” from (hed)p.e.

A third cut from the Green Bay Wisconsin show of the “Detox” album release tour has landed in cyberspace and finds (hed)p.e. performing “Let’s Ride” with “Killing Time” and the set intro previously appearing. The Nu-Metal mainstays will be back on the road with Suburban Noise label mates Johnny Richter and Stacc Styles for a

Bootleg: (hed)p.e. in Green Bay Wisconsin!

Set to trek from Great Falls Montana to Hermosa Beach California in January, Nu-Metal legends (hed)p.e. continue to blaze a trail with new album “Detox” being very well received. The band have shared footage filmed at the Epic Event Centre in Green Bay Wisconsin on 8th December as the end of year celebrations begin with

Review: “Detox” by (hed)p.e.

“This album marks a return to the cherished G-Punk sound that  (Hed) P.E. fans know and adore. When listeners hear this record, its familiarity will be striking because it encapsulates the essence of (Hed) P.E. The ‘DETOX’ album embarks on a spiritual journey from a state of chemical enslavement to self-liberation, and then, ironically, back