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NEWS: Collected search for the right mindset?

They say it pays to expect the unexpected but much to our surprise despite releasing EP “Say When” earlier this year and playing the New Blood tent at Bloodstock Open Air Festival, Collected have returner with a new single titled “Mindset“. Flowing like a river to the sea, from the melodic to the violently turbulent

Playthrough: “Blindsided” by Collected!

If you missed it then we highly recommend the very well received new EP from Collected. Titled “Say When” it sees the band paint in texture and crossing sub-genre boundaries with the greatest of ease with plenty of sing-a-long quality that would go down a storm in arena sized venues. Here’s dedicated drum cam footage

Review: “Say When” by Collected

After four powerful stand alone singles since their inception in 2018 including last year’s “Love and Fury” which is so good we included it in our top #5 singles of the year, it’s safe to say that the debut EP from Liam Brazitis (Vocals),  Charlie Day (Guitars), Artis Upitis (Drums), Chris Day (Bass) and Haitch