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NEWS: (hed)p.e.! Nonpoint! The Union Underground! Soil! November 2024!

In what amounts to a US Nu-Metal invasion, (hed)p.e. have announced they will be joining Nonpoint and The Union Underground in supporting Soil as they tear across the United Kingdom playing their 2001 album “Scars” in full. The shows will take place in November, begging the question of just how many musicians will be on stage

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Black Betty

[Kurt Cobain] Thank you. This was written by my favorite performer. Our favorite perfomer, isn’t it? All of ours? You like him the best? [Krist Novoselic] Oh and here’s a donation basket for one supply of Leadbelly’s guitar [Kurt Cobain] Oh yeah, this guy representing the Leadbelly’s estate wants to sell me Leadbelly’s guitar for

Bootleg: Soil at Centrum Center in Worcester, Massachusetts!

Spot the odd one out? The line-up of this “Merry Mayhem” show consisted of Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Mudvayne and Soil… That was 19 years ago on 15th December 2001 at Centrum Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Drummer Tom Schofield and guitarist Shaun Glass have both exited the band since, but they’re still closing their set

Under The Influence #27: Enquire Within on “Scars” by Soil!

Starting out in Chicago Illinois in 1997, Soil had to wait four years before their fans could sink their teeth into their major label debut album “Scars“. Heavily influenced by the Grunge era and the likes of Alice In Chains and also classic Rock, they were seen by J Records as being the next Staind

Review: “Born of Hatred” by Deface

Baton Rouge, Louisiana quartet Deface have been around longer than you might think. Their debut “Scars” was actually originally released in 2001 though it appears remastered by Chad Kelly in 2018. Line-up changes between then and now probably aren’t the only reason that it’s taken 18 years to release sophomore album “Born Of Hatred” with

Bootleg: “Halo” & “Redefine” from Soil!

Still probably best known for their 2001 debut “Scars” and huge single “Halo”, Chicago Illinois Hard Rockers Soil will be upon our shores later this year opening up for Static-X, Dope and Wednesday 13 on the Wisconsin Death Trip 10th Anniversary Tour. So starting the warm up nice and early, here’s both “Soil” and “Redefine”