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Bootleg: Scumxscrew at Parque de las Artes Chiminigagua!

In tribute to Sepultura, Columbian Beatdown Hardcore act Scumxscrew performed a medley of “Arise” and “Dead Embryonic Cells” at Parque de las Artes Chiminigagua in 2019 which features guest Danny  Zamudio. Interestingly the band share some of the same influences as their Brazilian peers, citing Obituary and Napalm Death in a recent interview.

NEWS: Scumxcrew drop “Desleal”!

Hailing from Bogota Colombia are Scumxcrew. They call themselves Beatdown Hardcore but you can make up your own mind on that one.  They’ve dropped single “Desleal” which features guest vocals from Jaymvee. It’s a post self titled album single that is all in their native tongue…