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Bootleg: “Disposable For You” from En Minor!

Perhaps best described as Depression Eock music, the work of En Minor is a change of pace for the New Orleans Louisiana collective that perform on 2020’s “When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out“. Long time friends and accomplices of Philip H. Anselmo in Kevin Bond and Jimmy Bower are part of

Playthrough: “Dominion Eyes” from Ophidian I!

One of the finest Technical Death Metal albums around at the moment has to be last summer’s “Desolate” by Iceland natives Ophidian I. The critically acclaimed Season Of Mist release which is adorned by stunningly bleak cover artwork from Eliran Kantor (Testament, Soulfly, Havok) and was also mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Despised Icon,

NEWS: Beyond the Styx hit back with “Overload”!

The second preview of the 4th February via Season Of Mist releasing album “Sentence“, the third in all, from Frenchmen Beyond the Styx has landed in the form of “Overload“. Recorded in July 2021 at Pole Nord Studio in Blois, France by Christian Donaldson (Despised Icon, Get The Shot, Cryptopsy) who also engineered, mixed and mastered,

Playthrough: “Enslaved in a Desolate Swarm” from Ophidian I!

One of the surprises of the year came in the summer with “Desolate” from Icelandic technical metal outfit Ophidian I via Season of Mist. The band have entrusted drummer Ragnar Sverrisson to continue spreading the word about the record and so he’s given us a playthrough for “Enslaved in a Desolate Swarm” on an absolutely

Throwback: “Asylum Cave” from Benighted!

Combining the genres of Death Metal, Black Metal and Grindcore since 1998 with vocalist Julien Truchan the last man standing from the original line up, Benighted have reached the 10th Anniversary milestone for their album  “Asylum Cave”. Recorded at Kohlekeller Studios in Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany and their debut for current label home Season Of Mist,

Interview: Ophidian I talk “Desolate” with Heavy New York!

Drummer Ragnar Sverrisson from Icelandic Technical Death Metallers Ophidian I is the man to talk to Heavy New York about the bands brilliant new album “Desolate” out now via Season of Mist. Comprised of familiar faces from bands such as Helfró, Beneath, Une Misère and Atrum, they chose Christian Donaldson (Despised Icon, The Agonist, Cryptopsy)

Review: “Desolate” by Ophidian I

When you have a clear vision in mind it is important to have the best people around you to help you to achieve it to the best of your abilities. For Icelandic Technical Death Metal merchants Ophidian I, a band consisting of familiar faces within the Icelandic scene as members of bands such as Helfró,

Playthrough: “Spiral To Oblivion” from Ophidian I!

For their Season of Mist debut Ophidian I entrusted Eliran Kantor (Testament, Soulfly, Havok) to creating some stunning artwork that bridges between the realism and science fiction. “Desolate” was also mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Despised Icon, The Agonist, Cryptopsy), making sure that they made the best use of the opportunities presented to them

Interview: Archspire on the Metal Blade Live Series!

Like snow on a summers day, we’ve got no idea just how much longer the Metal Blade Live Series can go on once host Riley McShane gets back fully immersed in the activities of his band Allegaeon. So making the most of it while it lasts, this latest episode sees chat with Dean Lamb of Canadian