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NEWS: Chaoseum invite you to dance on their graves!

As they have appearances in Switzerland at both Satrocks XV and Eye See You Festival booked for later this month, Chaoseum are celebrating the first anniversary of their album “The Third Eye” in style. They do so with a music video for “Dance On My Grave” and rightly so, leaving the question as to how

NEWS: Chaoseum premier “Until The End” music video!

Swiss Nu-Metal tinged Metal act Chaoseum have returned to 2022 forth album “The Third Eye” for a budget blowing music video for “Until The End” which they’re calling the latest exhibition in their Museum of Chaos. The corpse paint lovers will get their show on the road in France in eight days time with shows

Review: “Ice Cold Oblivion” by Mammoth Caravan

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Tedford (Iron Tongue, Ghost Bones, Terminal Nation) at Wolfman Studios, the debut album from Little Rock Arkansas Sludge infused Doom trio Mammoth Caravan is concept record about about a primitive nomad chasing a baby mammoth from the herd. Built on the foundation of gold and bones that is their

NEWS: Chaoseum escape Arkham Asylum for Out In The Green Festival?

Nu-Metal meets Metalcore merchants Chaoseum have shared a live rendition of “My Wonderland” recorded at Out In The Green Festival, Frauenfeld Rocks in Switzerland on 29th June, which also saw Metallica, Sabaton and Fever 333 take to the stage. The studio version of the track takes pride of place on the bands third full length

NEWS: Mammoth Caravan prepare for the Ice Age!

Featuring a guest vocal from Mat Johnson of Second Life, three piece Sludge Doom Metal act Mammoth Caravan have premiered the first single “Nomad” from their 25th February releasing album “Ice Cold Oblivion“. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Tedford (Iron Tongue, Ghost Bones, Terminal Nation) at Wolfman Studios, the debut album is concept one

NEWS: Chaoseum follow Alice to Wonderland?

Taking what was great about Nu-Metal in the second half of the 90’s and pouring petrol on it to create a raging inferno are Swiss natives Chaoseum. They’ve followed album “Second Life” with a blistering new single in “My Wonderland” and once again welcome to the Museum of Chaos ahead of US shows in September

NEWS: Chaoseum return with “Unreal”!

Once again opening the doors to the museum of Chaos, Swiss Metalcore act Chaoseum have unvieled a new single in “Unreal” complete with video directed by Vladimir Cochet that comes 13 months after their sophomore album “Second Life“. The band for whom Halloween is everyday enhanced their reputation with a tour with Soulfly in the

NEWS: Chaoseum take “Into My Split” accoustic!

If it seems like Swiss Metallers Chaoseum are releasing new things practically every week then it’s probably safe to say that they are. They’re doing that to keep themselves in the limelight and give as much support to their album “Second Life” without being able to tour as humanly possible. To that end they’ve entered

Playthrough: “Hell Has No Way Out” from Chaoseum!

A week after the premier of the Greg Turini directed music video for “Smile Again“, Swiss Metal act Chaoseum have unveiled a guitar playthrough video for another song from their new album “Second Life” in “Hell Has No Way Out“. It sees Loïc Duruz and Valery Veings made up and side by side and armed

NEWS: Chaoseum learn to “Smile Again”?

After an internet tease campaign Chaoseum have returned to current album “Second Life” covered in Avatar style make-up for a music video for “Smile Again” and directed by the bands own drummer Greg Turini. Intriguingly enough while the video comes with a wealth of shout outs to sponsors including Solar guitars, Swiss Metal Chocolate is