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Review: “Cascadence” by Arcaeon

Some records are hammered out in 3 days in the studio with well rehearsed and live performed songs where it’s just about setting up and commiting to tape. Then there is “Cascadence” by Arcaeon, a labour of love from a group of perfectionists who’d rather take their time and get it right than give us

Documentary: Arcaeon. Autumn.

Reading & London Progressive Tech-Metal quintet Arcaeon have released a mini tour documentary around their Autumn dates. Now fronted by ex-Sentience vocalist Stuart Sarre, the band continue to work on their full debut album having put out the stunningly beautiful “Balance” EP earlier this year. Don’t believe us? Check out our review. 

Documentary: Arcaeon album update!

Arcaeon have released a clip about their upcoming full length debut album in which they talk about influences, progress and process that have been involved in the making of the affair, which will mark their first studio release with former Sentience frontman Stuart Sarre at the helm. Current EP release “Balance” is a stunning piece

EP Stream: “Balance” Remix EP from Arcaeon!

UK Tech-Fest bound Arcaeon have released their entire “Balance” EP in an 8-bit remix format! The Reading Tech-Metallers now fronted by former Sentience frontman Stuart Sarre are currently working on new material around a clutch of upcoming live shows.

NEWS: Arcaeon release “Endeavour” re-recording!

Having changed frontmen in recent months, Arcaeon have now released a re-recording of “Endeavour” with vocals from Stuart Sarre from London progressive tech-metallers Sentience. As the band are working on new material for a full length debut album, the question is, is this cut just for fans ahead of upcoming shows or is it going

NEWS: Arcaeon introduce Stuart Sarre with new material!

Having previously dropped bootleg footage of “Mind’s Eye” at Manchester Rebellion to introduce new vocalist Stuart Sarre from London progressive tech-metallers Sentience, Arcaeon have now released a formal introduction. It comes in the form of this 68 second long clip of Sarre recording vocals for some brand new material. Arcaeon’s brilliant debut EP “Balance” is

Bootleg: Arcaeon debut new vocalist!

Filmed by the band themselves at Manchester Rebellion, here’s “Mind’s Eye” from Arcaeon‘s brilliant debut EP “Balance”. The band recently announced the departure of frontman William Alex Young but have barely skipped a beat, announing the arrival of Stuart Sarre from London progressive tech-metallers Sentience as their new vocalist before the show. Arcaeon have a