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Documentary: Strangle Wire on parole in Europe?!

Including such classics as “Den of Iniquity“, “Dead Before The Still” and “Psychopathic Blue” in the soundtracks, Belfast Psychological Death Metal quartet Strangle Wire have shared the footage from the Berlin, London and Reykjavik stops of their tour with Defeated Sanity. The run took place in December 2022 but the footage has remained archived in

Review: “The Dark Triad” by Strangle Wire (5th Anniversary)

The stench of burning flesh has hung heavily in the air since Belfast’s Strangle Wire appeared on the scene like the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Branding themselves Psychological Death Metal in reference to their abilities to conjure dark lyrical narratives on the human condition, the style of their 2022 offering “Shaped by Human Frailty” offers

NEWS: Strange Wire stare into the void once more…

If you haven’t had the pleasure, Belfast Psychological Groove Death Metal quartet Strangle Wire have got an album out called “Shaped By Human Frailty” and it’s an absolute soul ripper. The band have been steadily dropping reminders of its existence to build the momentum and the latest of those is a lyric video for “Horrors

NEWS: Strangle Wire analyse the psychology of the sick!

Belfast Psychological Death Metal act Strangle Wire have chosen “Psychology of the Sick” for a lyric video that shows off the artwork from their album “Shaped by Human Frailty“. A band who specialise in lyrical concepts which capture the darker parts of the human condition, they’re also well versed in grinding your brains into a

NEWS: Strangle Wire sharpen their knives…

As the clock ticks down in fear to the fifth anniversary of “The Dark Triad” by Belfast psychological Death Metal quartet Strangle Wire at the end of May, the band have returned to their current burnt offering for a lyric video for “Death Before the Still“. The band have a wealth of high quality merch

Playthrough: “The Human Tensile Experiment” from Strangle Wire!

Ahead of a 15 show run in the US that will take them from the Iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California via Vibes Underground in San Antonio Texas to The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz California starting on 5th January, Irish Psychological Death Groove Metal quartet Strangle Wire have continued their reign of terror in

The Black Map #232: Strangle Wire from Belfast!

The twelfth largest city in the United Kingdom just so happens to be the place that Psychological Death Groove Metal act Strangle Wire call home and with a population on 345,418 in 2021 they have a decent sized home town crowd to disturb. The band are comprised of a quartet of seasoned musicians for whom

Playthrough: “Heavily Medicated” #4 from Strangle Wire!

Making it a full house of playthrough videos from all angles for their single “Heavily Medicated” are Irish Psychological Death Groove Metal act Strangle Wire. They’ve hammered out drum, bass, guitars and now a one take vocal playthrough video for the track which opens their debut full length album “Shaped by Human Frailty“, showing us

Playthrough: “Heavily Medicated” from Strangle Wire!

Another day, another length of Strangle Wire. The Belfast Psychological Death Groove Metal quartet have returned to single “Heavily Medicated” for a third time to allow five string bassist Greg Diffin the opportunity to step into the bright lights of the FBI interrogation that  drummer John Curlett and riff  slinger Ross Duffy have already faced.

Playthrough: “Heavily Medicated” from Strangle Wire!

Having already given us a drum playthrough for the opening cut of their recently deceased album “Shaped by Human Frailty“, Belfast Psychological Death Groove Kings Strangle Wire have returned to “Heavily Medicated” for a guitar playthrough courtesy of riff slinger Ross Duffy. If you like what you hear you can find the full album as