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Playthrough: “Words Whispered” from Scarlet Dress

Sushant Vohra, multi instrumentalist and guitarist extrodinaire from Scarlet Dress has laid down a guitar playthrough for “Words Whispered” from the bands oven fresh new album “Endless”. The album features a trio of guest appearances from Jordan Chase of Shreddy Krueger, Josh Ford of The Luminary and former Erra Guitarist Alan Rigdon. It’s available over

Review: “Endless” by Scarlet Dress

Scarlet Dress are preparing to release their debut full length album “Endless”. Following successful singles “Lucid” in 2014 that gathered 90k worth of streams via itdjents.com’s YouTube channel, “Periscope” in 2016 with a guest appearance from Jeff Pogan of Suicidal Tendencies and sandwiched in between them EP “Prose Edda” in 2016. Comprising Multi-instrumentalist Sushant Vohra