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NEWS: Cincinatti Bowtie believe in “Negative Reinforcement”!

If you missed it, the now five day old album from Bradford Deathcore project Cincinatti Bowtie entitled “Malichor” is one beast of a record. Unlike most in the genre it clocks in at an incredible 66 minutes and 17 killer cuts with a number of well thought out guest appearances. Here’s a stream of “Negative

NEWS: Cincinatti Bowtie premier “Sievert”!

Quaint bassist James Birch is the man behind the grassy knoll, the multi instrumentalist behind Cincinatti Bowtie, a Bradford based  Deathcore project that sees him joined by a guest vocalist for each track. 26th May will see the release of a massive 17 track, 66 minute full length album from the project entitled “Malichor” that

NEWS: Dal Av entrust the spirit walker?

For a little while now the Kiesel Guitars endorsed Logan Young from Reflections has been running a solo project by the name Dal Av with guest vocalists new song “Spirit Walker” has now been premiered. The track sees Danny Villarreal (Signs Of Omnicide, Salem Burning, ex-Endless Cemetery) seal the deal based of Los Angeles California

NEWS: I Am Heir crush with “Another Day/Another Ditch”!

Bringing that famed Texas heat and featuring a guest appearance from Christian McGahan of Virtue, McAllen Texas natives I Am Heir have dropped some anvil heavy Downtempo Hardcore groove with “Anther Day/Another Ditch”! It’s the first new single since 2018’s “The Resistance” EP. They feature Signs of Omnicide drummer Jaxsyn Teller in their ranks.