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Review: “Seasons Vol. 2” by Blessed Black

Returning with the second chapter of their “Seasons” EP series, Cincinnati Ohio heavy Doom quartet Blessed Black promise to plot a course through fields of haunting melodies and riffs for worship. As with the first chapter, the band who comprise musicians known for their work in Smoke Healer, War Curse, Black Tractor and Phantom Queen, returned to the

NEWS: The mystery is solved by Blessed Black?

Exploring the themes of power, control, and the human spirit’s resilience against systemic oppressions, Blessed Black are looking to strike a chord with “Solve Et Coagula“. In an age where voices against oppression and for the restructuring of power are louder than ever, the track is a thunderous call to action, blending heavy riffs with

NEWS: Blessed Black drift asunder…

Delving into the visceral experience of facing one’s innermost fears and the fight for mental and emotional salvation, “Asunder” from Cincinnati Ohio’s Blessed Black plots a course through fields of haunting melodies and riffs for worship. It’s the first from the second part of the Heavy Doom quartet’s “Seasons” EP series in which the band

Review: “Seasons: Vol. 1” by Blessed Black

The first of a series of EPs planned for both 2023 and 2024 release, “Seasons: Vol. 1” marks the debut of ex-Smoke Healer guitarist Jake Stone in Heavy Doom quartet Blessed Black as the band explores themes of existentialism, grief, healing, and rediscovery. Founded by vocalist and guitarist Joshua Murphy of War Curse fame alongside

NEWS: Blessed Black mourn the seasons…

Exploring themes of existentialism, grief, healing and rediscovery “Seasons: Vol. 1″ is the first of a series of EP releases planned for 2023 and 2024 from Ohio Doom Metal merchants Blessed Black and set for 1st September. Comprising members and former members of War Curse, Smoke Healer, Black Tractor and Phantom Queen they have built up