Review: “Seasons Vol. 2” by Blessed Black

Returning with the second chapter of their “Seasons” EP series, Cincinnati Ohio heavy Doom quartet Blessed Black promise to plot a course through fields of haunting melodies and riffs for worship. As with the first chapter, the band who comprise musicians known for their work in Smoke Healer, War Curse, Black Tractor and Phantom Queen, returned to the tried and tested Neil Turri at Amish Electric Chair Studios in Athens to mix and master as they look to create a single homogeneous entity. Can the band once again offer a powerful exploration of the intricate themes of mental health struggles with a real grit in their lyrical depth?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes, if not more so as the band deliver three cuts that really make you think. The first tune to help you breathe more easily is “Asunder“, a reflection on the battle with the darkness within and the search for a lighthouse to guide one through the oncoming storm. Classic Traditional Metal riffs provide the backbone, reminding of Spirit Adrift while avoiding being overly emotive in the vocal performance and falling into the trappings of other genres. Warm, fuzzy guitars and a tasteful solo make this perfect hangover music and the earworm main riff will keep you coming back time after time. The lyrical narrative flows nicely into “Serpentine Sisters“, a cut that calls to cast aside the darkness within and embrace a new dawn of potential. The beating black heart of the record, this one feels almost anthemic as it rises from a thoughtful, melodic introduction with a little Hammond Organ into a big guitar sound. Old School is a term that gets used all too often but it has to be said that the roots of this record date back to the 1970s and Black Sabbath, the sublime weighting of the sound ensuring everything is masterfully executed. Last but by no means least “Solve et Coagula” calls for the destruction of the old in favour of new beginnings, confronting and questioning structures of power and control, “no Gods, no Masters!” being the lyric that brings it all together. These mid tempo sing-a-long anthems flow together like a river to the sea with everything as it should be, Blessed Black having that timeless quality in their sound without feeling old or dated. All in all a mighty fine addition to the collection [7.5/10]


Track Listing

  1. Asunder
  2. Serpentine Sisters
  3. Solve et Coagula

Seasons Vol. 2” by Blessed Black is out 26th April 2024 and is available over at bandcamp.

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