Review: “Circle” by Where’s My Bible

Blending Blackened Death Metal with Rock and Punk influences, Where’s My Bible began life in Heinola Finland circa 2014 but it wasn’t until 2016 that their 2016 EP “The Beginning” appeared and they made their live debut. They ended that year on a high, recording a single “Failure” which features a guest appearance from featuring Leevi Luoto of One Morning Left and Atlas and dropping their first music video. 2017 saw them arrive on the festival scene, winning the opening slot for Tuska Open Air Metal Festival’s main stage before a year later they rattled out debut album “Mosh N’ Roll“. Fast forward to the here and now and having bided their time, Where’s My Bible return with a new EP titled “Circle“…

…a concept release that tells a tale of mental health issues and depression over four chapters, each one having its own music video, “Circle” finds Where’s My Bible at their darkest, disposing of those Rock and Punk influences and instead harnessing the power of a bigger, more brutal sound. The addition of majestic Symphonic elements to “Escape” gives it the air of the cinematic while Teppo Ristola blasts his way through some of the harsher vocal moments from Jussi Matilainen, who demonstrates incredible vocal range. His cleans on “Void” in particular are unexpectedly stunning given how brutal is Death Metal bark is and yet his has a shriller scream that is half way between the two. The rich technical guitar work combines the stylings which Killswitch Engage and Cradle of Filth are known for with slick transitions as Toni Hinkkala and Pasi Löfgrén deliver powerful rhythmic riffs to snap your neck to while never being afraid to break into vibrant leads. “Nest” finds them at their most chugging with eerie keys building the atmosphere and of death and destruction while incredible use of vocal layering gives a sense of schizophrenia for a cut that is shines through the darkness. The energy of these ferocious cuts is incredible and by the time the staccato riffs of closer “Origin” hit, you are left craving more in a frenzied bloodlust. Listening to the bands prior works, the stylings that comprise “Circle” were always there in some way, shape or form but this new record is the bands finest work, refined in the fires of a relentless hellscape, throwing off the shackles of the n’Roll and going all out Mosh [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Chapter I: Escape
  2. Chapter II: Void
  3. Chapter III: Nest
  4. Chapter IV: Origin

Circle” by Where’s My Bible is out 13th May 2022 via Inverse Records and will be available over at bandcamp

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