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Playthrough: “Secret Garden” from Spiritbox!

Filmed at The Hallway Studios in Los Angeles California by Alex Bernis, Spiritbox guitarist Mike Stringer has laid down a guitar playthrough video for “Secret Garden“, a cut approaching the 5m Spotify streams mark, using the new Neural DSP Quad Cortex and a capture from an Omega Granophyre 100 watt head. The guitar itself is

NEWS: Erra and Spiritbox join forces!

Having never had a guest join them at any point in the past decade, Birmingham Alabama’s Erra have unveiled an updated version of “Vanish Canvas” that sees them joined by Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox as both a music video and in all the usual outlets. The original version of the cut that appears on their self

NEWS: Spiritbox don’t shy away from the pain…

Following Courtney LaPlante’s guest vocal appearance on the DJent fueled new single from Crown The Empire, Rise Records have decided to offer up a fifth single in “Hurt You” from the highly anticipated and long awaited album “Eternal Blue” by Spiritbox. That will finally drop on 17th September, which still seems like eternity away but

NEWS: Crown The Empire return with DJent!

Well, well, well. Three holes in the ground. We did not see this coming. Not only have Crown The Empire returned with a DJent fueled new single but somehow they have managed to convince Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox to drop a guest vocal on it. The cut is called “In Another Life” and has premiered

NEWS: Spiritbox take “Constance” acoustic!

…with “Eternal Blue” out via Rise Records on 17th September being preceded by four instantly available singles on pre-order, Canadian trio Spiritbox had to do something special to bridge the summer long gap. So Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer have recorded a stripped down acoustic version of “Constance” with a string trio that is also available

Playthrough: “Circle With Me” from Spiritbox!

After the surprise news that they will be providing main support to Limp Bizkit for a run of shows in August dubbed “The Last Minute Post Pandemic Pop-up Party Edition“, Vancouver Canada’s  Spiritbox have let drummer Zev Rose take a moment in the limelight with a drum playthrough of “Circle With Me”. The will appear on

NEWS: Make The Suffer trade Contraband…

It seems like Spiritbox is the name on everyone’s lips at this moment in time and vocalist extortionate Courtney LaPlante has been laying down the guantlet with guest appearances left right and centre. Her latest sees her join like minded Australian’s Make Them Suffer for their new single “Contraband” which has surfaced via Rise Records.

Interview: Spiritbox on The Downbeat Podcast!

It’s been a little while since the last episode of The Downbeat Podcast with host and Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds no doubt getting himself ready for imminent shows. He’s announced himself as a fan of Canadians Spiritbox and has as a result been given an audience with one Courtney LaPlante as a result.

Review: “The Water” by Stoneside

“I speak with the dead. They tell me their stories. I speak their stories to life again in music.” ~ Crane, Stoneside. There is a lot of mystery that surrounds Brookshire Texas residents Stoneside; they announced themselves with “History of Violence” as a duo comprising writer, vocalist, instruments and co-arranger Crane and drummer and co-arranger

Review: “Colours We Won’t Know” by Drown This City

After the huge success of their 2019 EP “Alpha // Survivor” Melbourne Australian DJent fueled Metalcore outfit Drown This City announced the arrival of new bassist and vocalist in Toby Thomas (Misery Guts, ex-Âme Noire) for this third release that judging by the singles that have preseded it see the band at their heaviest. The