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Bootleg: Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2022 in Berlin!

If you enjoyed the ongoing Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2022 or if you fancy a peak at what you missed out on, the 17th November stop at SO36 in Berlin Germany has been ram raided by Core Community who have given us a cut from After The Burial, Suicide Silence, Currents, Spite, Invent Animate,

Bootleg: “Lord Of The Upside Down” and “Crumble” from Spite!

In a Caliber TV live session at Rapture Recordings with Cody Fuentes behind the boards, Deathcore collective Spite have laid down renditions of “Lord Of The Upside Down” and “Crumble” back to back. Both cuts top and tail on the bands August released album “Dedication To Flesh“, one of those Rise Records releases that breaks

NEWS: Darko begin the evolution?

It seems a little strange that your side project would be releasing singles while your main squeeze was doing likewise but Darko have dropped a music video for “Evolving” that features a guest appearance from Shaolin G amidst the first singles from the new Chelsea Grin double album “Suffer In Heaven / Suffer In Hell“.

NEWS: Darko let Crowfield loose on “Ana”!

The endless rotation of members of Deathcore superpowers has stopped temporarily with Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber (ex-Lorna Shore) and Spite drummer Josh Miller (ex-Emmure) able to concentrate on their side project Darko which continues to impress. Their latest single finds director Norbert Crowfield once again behind the camera and Taylor Barber of Left To

NEWS: Darko just want to go home?

Continuing a seemingly endless run of singles, following “Acid Inject” in January Darko have unvieled “Come Home“. The partnership between former Emmure and current Spite drummer Jamie Miller and former Lorna Shore and current Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber are joined by Rory Rodriguez for his one. 7.8 million Spotify streams from 399k listeners in

Bootleg: “Dragon Chaser” from Darko!

Filmed live in the studio by Caliber TV and mixed by Matt Thomas of Ash Tone Audio, Darko have released “Dragon Chaser” in style. Given how good this band are there remains a question mark over whether vocalist Tom Barber and drummer Josh Miller would exit their main squeezes to pursue this one full time

NEWS: VCTMS rattle the bars!

As teased on social media, VCTMS have dropped a new single from their upcoming summer 2021 releasing new album “Vol. 4: Numb The Ache“. Entitled “Carefully // Caged“, the track sees Darius Tehrani of Spite rejoining the party and lending his throat as he did previously on “The Relapse” on 2017’s “Vol. II: Inside The