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NEWS: Prong declare “State Of Emergency”!

“Suppression of your thoughts, there’s no exception Deviant their cause, in every instance Protection of the false, dishonourable mentions Deception calls the shots, you cannot question… Emergency the state, Of mass confusion, Urgency in place, For total disruption”

NEWS: Prong begin the descent…

Tommy Victor continues to defy the odds with New York Industrial Groove Metal trio Prong who are set to unveil album number thirteen in “State Of Emergency” on 6th October via SPV. They’ve shared a third single in “The Decent” from the record produced by the legendary Steve Evetts (Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan) while

NEWS: Throw The Fight. Atena. Elwood Stray. May!

Starting at the end of April, Throw The Fight, Atena and Elwood Stray will join forces for a run of shows that will take them from Copenhagen Denmark to London England in fifteen steps, the last three of which will be upon our shores. By way of revision 2012 album “What Doesn’t Kill Us” remains

Throwback: “The Profit Of Doom” by Type O Negative

The fifteenth anniversary of “Dead Again” by Type O Negative, the seventh and final of the American Gothic Metal acts deadly sins before the tragic death of frontman Peter Steele in 2010, is something worth celebrating. The ten track affair runs to 78 minutes and includes a tribute to Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott in

NEWS: The Hirsch Effekt give take “Nares” to the red carpet…

German Progressive Metallers The Hirsch Effekt were announced alongside the likes of Opeth, Rivers Of Nihil and Pallbearer as playing Arctangent 2022 last month while celebrating the 9th Anniversary of arguably their most diverse album “Holon: Anamnesis“. A record which takes elements of Jazz, Death Metal, Chamber Music and Pop to name but a few

Listmania: 10 Years of “Kairos” by Sepultura!

It’s been a little while since we did one of these but as 2021 sees not only the 20th Anniversary of the second Sepultura album with Derrick Green and their last with Roadrunner Records but also the 10th Anniversary of their album “Kairos“, we’ve decided to go over the second half of the bands life

NEWS: The Five Hundred bring the Walls down…

It took us a moment to get our heads around the combination but The Five Hundred have chosen a second single from their end of the month releasing new album “A World On Fire“. That cut is called “Walls Of Jericho” and features a guest appearance from Andreas Bjulver of Cabal… As opposed to what

NEWS: The Hirsch Effekt unveil re-imagined works!

German Progressive Metal act The Hirsch Effekt have unveiled a music video for the title track of an unique EP that shows a different side of their musical work as they break into hitherto uncharted waters. Together with 17 young classical musicians from their home city of Hannover, the band have recorded orchestral versions at

NEWS: Die Krupps have hindsight?

German Industrial Metal pioneers Die Krupps have announced a European Tour that will accompany their new album “Vision 2020 Vision” which drops on 15th November via SPV! The album title track comes with the news with pre-orders for the release available here. 22nd London, The Garage 23rd Manchester, Night People 24th Glasgow, Slay

Throwback: “Paper Tiger” from Dry Kill Logic!

In celebration of the news last week on The PRP that Dry Kill Logic will be returning on 6th September with a brand new single entitled “Vices” after an absence of the better part of 13 years, we’ve decided to bring back the Westchester County New York bruisers for a second time around! Having previously