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Playthrough: “Sinner” from Second Death!

Abusing a position of power, slaves to substance Second Death have utilized the skills of Kyle McDowell to capture dedicated drum cam footage of “Sinner” at The Moxi Theatre. That was 25th May during the “Southern Hostility” tour when the band shared the stage with Filth, Inferiors and Snake Father. The track itself will appear

NEWS: Second Death were born with it?

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Drewsif Stalin (Visceral Disgorge, Valis Ablaze, Emerge A Tyrant) the upcoming album “Born With It” from slaves to substance Second Death has been preceded by the title track. They’ll be joining Inferious and Snake Father in hitting the road with Filth in support of their album “Southern Hostility” across the

NEWS: Second Death confess to their sins!

Mixed and mastered by the legend that is Drewsif (Visceral Disgorge, Emerge A Tyrant, GreyLotus), Valdosta Georgia Deathcore merchants Second Death have returned like Kings with the promise of a debut album titled “Born With It“. While there is no date for that there is a precursor in one titled “Sinner” with no members of

NEWS: Second Death premier new song “Waste”!

Hailing from Valdosta Georgia, Deathcore merchants Second Death have returned with a lyric video courtesy of Johnny Naro from Naro Studios for new single “Waste“. It marks the bands second single of 2020, following “Entitled Sons” and with two EPs already in the bag, it might not be long before the next…

NEWS: Second Death aren’t Entitled Sons?

…with the help of Naro Studios and Matthew Zagorski who filmed the live footage, Second Death have chosen “Entitled Sons” from their current EP “Dirtnap” for the music video treatment. Hailing from Valdosta, Georgia, the band have been sharing footage from around the table as they talk about their collective history over a variety beverages

Documentary: Second Death drown in hot sauce!

In episode #1 of Second Death Television,  Second Death aka America’s friendliest Metal band, hailing from Valdosta, Georgia sat around a table to talk about their adventures around album “Casket” and EP “Substance”. Today they’re back with a bucket of hot wings and a selection of sauces, just four dudes having a blast while they

Interview: Second Death talk life!

America’s friendliest metal band aka Valdosta, Georgia’s Second Death have taken their time on lockdown to sit and talk around a table about their adventures around album “Casket” and EP “Substance” in the first of what promises to be many beer fueled vlogs. If you’re not familiar, we recommend checking out the video for “Shift” as

NEWS: Second Death “Keep It Real”!

America’s friendliest metal band aka Valdosta, Georgia’s Second Death may have released a music video for new song “Keep It Real” back at the end of October…. But it has just appeared for the first time on Spotify some 6 weeks after the fact! If you haven’t heard them before, check out our review of

Bootleg: Second Death at Cluck U!

Georgia’s Second Death performing a brutal full set at Cluck U Round 3 at Tom’s River New Jersey on 14 September 2017. A floor show no less. Their March released EP “Substance” is out now! Check out our review!

Review: “Substance” EP by Second Death

America’s friendliest metal band aka Valdosta, Georgia’s Second Death followed up their debut full length (well… 8 tracks but close enough) in February 2017’s “Casket” with a new 5 track EP offering in March 2018. As with the album, their are a pair of guest vocal spots, this time out from Matt Zagorski and Ben Revell on