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Review: “Natura” by Symbolical

The second chapter in a trilogy of three track EPs, “Natura” continues the journey of Polish Death Metallers Symbolical. The first chapter, “Igne” told the story of Jesus’ birth but not as popularly accepted… Mary giving birth to Jesus the Antichrist, who condemns the world to destruction with cover artwork by William Blake in the

Review: “Igne” by Symbolical

Originally formed as Symbolic in tribute to Death circa 2012 the Polish Death Metal quartet swiftly changed their moniker to Symbolical before unleashing the Demons from Hells gate in the form of pair of full length albums with 2015’s “Collapse in Agony” and 2018’s “Allegory of Death” being both well received. Eternal forward motion then

NEWS: Symbolical get inspired by William Blake!

The second chapter of a Mystic Death Metal trilogy which began with the arrival of “Igne” at the end of 2021 has been announced by Symbolical for 8th September in “Natura“. Recorded, mixed and mastered at JNS Studio by Paweł Janos (Antigama, Hostia, Riverside), both the cover of the album and lyrical narrative are inspired