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Playthrough: “Rabia” from Temores Enterrados!

As their November released album “No Humanos” continues to threaten to take Ecuador Slamming Hardcore five piece Temores Enterrados straight to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation, the band have shared a drum playthrough from Martín Esparza for “Rabia” cut from it. The follow up to 2021 EP “Fuerza” offer up seven cuts with all four from the

NEWS: Temores Enterrados share video for “Siempre se vuelve”!

Accompanied by a music video directed by Efrain Cabrera, Ecuador Slamming Deathcore crew Temores Enterrados have shared “Siempre se vuelve” (or “Always Turns“) from their current record “Fuerza“. An EP recorded and mixed by guitarist Mario Troya, it has menacing Death Metal overtones and 90’s Hardcore roots…

Review: “Fuerza” by Temores Enterrados

Sometimes the work of a great artist isn’t appreciated at the time if its unveiling and its not until years or even decades later that the creation really gets the opportunity to live and breathe. Hence the phenomena that is the cult following with films in particular often being hugely successful in streaming or home

NEWS: Temores Enterrados close the book on “Fuerza”?

18 months after the release of their debut EP “Fuerza“, Ecuador Slamming Deathcore specialists with Hardcore roots Temores Enterrados have unveiled an Efrain Cabrera directed music video for “No Humanos” from it. Recorded at Live Room Studio and mixed and mastered by guitarist Mario Troya and bassist Robert Valencia the cut actually received a lyric