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Bootleg: Delirant Chaotic Sound in Erba!

A pair of songs from Delirant Chaotic Sound performed live at Centrale Rock Pub in Erba on 27th October 2018 sees them smashing through “Dogma” and “Embrace This Relief“. The later of those two appeared on their highly impressive 2020 record “Thalassa” which we reviewed earlier in the week, an album with a loose concept

Review: “Thálassa” by Delirant Chaotic Sound

An Alternative Metal band from Milan Italy, Delirant Chaotic Sound were forged in 2011 and took four years to find a stable line up to create the sound that they were looking for. Releasing their debut EP “The Ride Of Thanatos” in 2016 before a pair of stand alone singles, bassist Federico Medana, drummer Davide