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Bootleg: Cro-Mags in California!

Pro-Shot in High Definition from Iron Serbian, here’s a full set from Hardcore legends Cro-Mags at Blue Lamp in Sacramento California on 17th November. One of a few acts believed to have created the crossover sound, Cro-Mags are sighted as an influence by the likes of Machine Head, Shadows Fall and of course, Hatebreed.

Bootleg: Cro-Mags at Outbreak Festival!

Courtesy of David Tan, here’s a Pro-Shot full set from the legendary Cro-Mags! Filmed at Canal Mills in Leeds in June at Outbreak Festival, it’s a fine, fine piece of Multi Cam HD work! The Hardcore legends “The Age of Quarrel” has to be one of the most influential albums around and has been sighted