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Playthrough: “The Empowered” from Dominicide!

If you needed a reminder of just how good the September released “The Architecture of Oppression” by Scottish Speed Death Thrash merchants Dominicide really is then the band have shared a playthrough of “The Empowered” courtesy of new drummer Oskar Mazurek (also in Satiracy). While they are sure to announce more shows in 2022, they

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2021!

It’s snow joke that having reviewed 365 plus albums and EPs in 2021 this category is the toughest of the lot to make decisions upon. The Great Plague Years have served to reinvigorate the format with some bands even choosing to split an album into bite sized EP releases over 12 months to keep their

Review: “The Architecture Of Oppression” by Dominicide

A lot has happened in the World of Glaswegian Death infused Thrash Metal act Dominicide since the release of their 2017 self titled album. An exodus of members has led to a line up shift they sees original guitarist Craig Law the last man standing and for this new outing four years on he also

Playthrough: “The Orchestrators” from Dominicide!

“The Architecture Of Oppression” is not only the sophomore EP from Glasgow Scotland Death Thrash act Dominicide but a rebirth for the group which sees Craig Law as the last man standing (wasn’t that a Bruce Willis movie?). Introducing new drummer Oskar Mazurek who also happens to be in Satiracy, the band have dropped a

NEWS: Dominicide in search of “The Orchestraitors”!

There has always been an undercurrent of a politically charged nature in Thrash as a genre and Glasgow based Death Metal infused Speed Thrash quartet Dominicide are no different. They’re on an all out attack on toxic disinformation in modern day media with their new single and music video “The Orchestraitors” which marks¬†the second from

The Black Map #172: Dominicide from Glasgow!

Heading from London to Glasgow for the latest entry in our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene that zigzags its way across these Islands like some sort of Spaghetti incident it’s time we said something about Dominicide. The Death Metal Infused Speed Thrash quartet are Masterminded by vocalist and guitarist Craig Law who

Playthrough: “The Empowered” from Dominicide!

Having rebuilt his band from the ground up and taken over vocal duties in addition to his fretboard smouldering riffage, Craig Law has become the mastermind behind Glaswegian Technical Thrash infused Death Metal act Dominicide. The bands sophomore EP “The Architecture Of Oppression” is set for 10th September with first single “The Empowered” premiering last

NEWS: “The Empowered” await for Dominicide!

A first glimpse into what the upcoming 10th September releasing EP from Glaswegian Technical Thrash infused Death Metal act Dominicide has to offer has surfaced in lyric video form. Titled “The Empowered” it is also the first cut to have original guitarist Craig Law also taking on vocal duties as well as guitars in an