NEWS: Dominicide in search of “The Orchestraitors”!

There has always been an undercurrent of a politically charged nature in Thrash as a genre and Glasgow based Death Metal infused Speed Thrash quartet Dominicide are no different. They’re on an all out attack on toxic disinformation in modern day media with their new single and music video “The Orchestraitors” which marks the second from the retooled bands sophomore EP “The Architecture of Oppression” and drops on 10th September.

Lyricist and vocalist, Craig Law elaborates, “The Orchestraitors lyrically focuses on media manipulation and the betrayal of the public at the hands of the powers that be. Hence the reason for the song title’s intentional misspelling to include the word ‘traitor.’ This was inspired by this age of disinformation in western democracy that we’ve experienced most recently during elections and the pandemic”

Newly appointed Dominicide drummer, Oskar Mazurek comments “The Orchestraitors will be a shock to the system for anyone who has listened to Dominicide previously. This track marks the beginning of mine and (guitarist & vocalist) Louis Chesters’ writing presence on the EP. As a result, the track is more blast-beat happy, with tech-death shredding; and we’ve really pushed the boat out with the addition of symphonic elements to make this track as big as can be”

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