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NEWS: Suicide Silence muse on vicious cycles…

Now that everyone has had the opportunity to have their say on their new album “Remember… You Must Die“, produced and mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Xibalba, Vitriol), Deathcore titans Suicide Silence have offered up a lyric video for the new single “F***ked for Life” to entice those who haven’t. Accompanied by artwork from Necrosurrealist artist

NEWS: Suicide Silence prey at the alter?

Cranking up the temperature around their forthcoming seventh full length album, “Remember… You Must Die“ produced by Taylor Young (Nails, Xibalba) Californian Deathcore brutes Suicide Silence have issued a speeding ticket of a third single from it in one titled “Alter Of Self“. There maybe no date on the record as yet but Century Media

Interview: Suicide Silence talk new album on The Garza Podcast!

Having come full circle and returned to Century Media for their last album “Becoming The Hunter“, Deathcore pioneers Suicide Silence have let guitarist Chris Garza spread the word on their next album via “The Garza Podcast”. Produced and mixed by Taylor Young (NAILS, Xibalba, Vitriol) their seventh studio record is titled “Remember… You Must Die”

NEWS: Suicide Silence unleash “Thinking In Tongues”!

Directed by Vicente Cordero for Industrialism Films, the first new single from Riverside, California Deathcore quintet Suicide Silence in two years has premiered via label home Century Media. Titled “Thinking In Tongues” the cut is the last to feature drummer Alex Lopez and comes ahead of the bands re-release of their classic debut album “The Cleansing”

Riff Police! Pull Over! #109: Suicide Silence Vs Carnifex!

We’ve heard the cries for a heavier entry in the Riff Police notebook so it’s time to pitch two Deathcore Heavyweights, who perhaps don’t like being considered Deathcore head to head. Back in September 2007, Suicide Silence unleashed their beast of an album “The Cleansing“, a fan favourite which was recorded and engineered by John Travis

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm get “Lost Within Reflection”!

There was a moment of uncertainty in the minds of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Slamming Deathcore quartet Signs Of The Swarm as to whether delay the video for “Lost Within Reflection“. The track appears on the bands current album “Viral Deprivation“, their first with new vocalist David Simonich. But fortunately they decided that lockdown needs to be

NEWS: HIVE have no love for Death Grips?

Not being content with vocalist Juanye West lending his throat to “The Disease” from the  upcoming Deathcore tribute version of “The Cleansing” by Suicide Silence, Chicago Dark Progressive Metal act HIVE have dropped a cover of “No Love” by Death Grips. The Suicide Silence tribute album will be out mid-May with a three track sampler

NEWS: Time for Incubation with Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell!

Earlier today, Chugcore Promotions premiered a one off project track that sees no less that seven vocalists lend their throats to an instrumental from Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell. Entitled “Incubation“, it sees (in order of appearance) Jack White of Defilement, Dean Kerr Watson of Violent, Luke Franklin and Josh Fordham of The Cleansing,

NEWS: Signs of the Swarm won’t go “Unanswered”!

Signs of the Swarm vocalist David Simonich has joined a project to pay tribute to the late Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence. The project sees Matt Andrews of Falsifier providing all of the instrumental parts with a different Deathcore vocalist on each track from “The Cleansing”, an album widely seen and respected as the bands finest