Riff Police! Pull Over! #109: Suicide Silence Vs Carnifex!

We’ve heard the cries for a heavier entry in the Riff Police notebook so it’s time to pitch two Deathcore Heavyweights, who perhaps don’t like being considered Deathcore head to head. Back in September 2007, Suicide Silence unleashed their beast of an album “The Cleansing“, a fan favourite which was recorded and engineered by John Travis (Static-X, Social Distortion) at King Size Soundlabs in Los Angeles, California before being produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (August Burns Red, Dark Tranquility) at Antfarm Studio in Denmark. As an album it has a unique energy as it was tracked as the cuts were played live in the studio as opposed to each part being done separately. The final track, initially a hidden one features a guest vocal appearance from Nate Johnson of Fit For An Autopsy. Entitled “Destruction of a Statue” it’s a mighty fine cut but it does feature a riff we’d heard before…

… Although a demo cut of “Hope Dies Within The Decadent” had appeared on the bands 2006 EP “Love Lies In Ashes“, the final version appeared in July 2007 on “Dead In My Arms“, also a debut album, this time from San Diego Californians Carnifex. Produced by Chris “Zeuss” Harris and mixed by Dave Swanson, it is the bands only album to be recorded as a quartet. So what are the chances that Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun were influenced by Travis Whiting?

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