Riff Police! Pull Over! #135: Judas Priest Vs Revocation!

Back in August 2011 American Technical Death Metallers Revocation came out to play with “Chaos of Forms“, which had been recorded at Damage Studios in Southbridge, Massachusetts with Producer Peter Rutcho. Their third studio record and the last album to feature their original bass player, Anthony Buda it also marks the first album to feature guitarist Dan Gargiulo, who exited stage left after a decade of aggression in 2020. Perhaps Buda left hanging his head in shame having come to realize that the riffs in “Beloved Horrifier” lean heavily on the influence of “Electric Eye” by Judas Priest. A song that features prominently on their 1982 “Screaming for Vengeance” record and was released as single in its own right a year later. A staple at live shows from the Birmingham natives to this day which has been covered by many including Metalcore mainstays As I Lay Dying, it’s hard to believe that this one slipped through the net…

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