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Interview: Polaris take UK Trivia quiz!

More tour bus hilarity from Australian Progressive Metalcore act Polaris as they take a UK Trivia quiz while on their tour bus between stops on their biggest tour to date in their homeland. They’ll be back upon our shores in May with new album “The Death Of Me” providing new material to their longer set

Documentary: Aussie Slang Terms with Polaris?

Ever wanted to learn slang terms from other languages or other countries? Well now is your chance to do so with Australian Progressive Metalcore act Polaris. Having landed sophomore album “The Death Of Me” upon our ear drums last Friday via SharpTone Records, they’ve thrown out this informational clip from their tour bus. May will

Review: “The Death Of Me” by Polaris

Two years ago, Australian Progressive Metalcore act Polaris made waves with their debut full length album “The Mortal Coil” which took vocalist Jamie Hails, guitarists Ryan Siew and Rick Schneider, bassist Jake Steinhauser and drummer Daniel Furnari around the Globe several times. A relentless touring schedule meant that we have seen them rise from supporting

Interview: Polaris talk at Unify 2020!

Australians Polaris previously talked about the pressure to follow up their album “The Mortal Coil” which took them from Zero to Hero faster than a Porsche. But the Progressive Metalcore act shouldn’t have worried so much because from what we’ve heard of “The Death Of Me” which releases tomorrow via SharpTone Records, it’s going to

NEW: Polaris step on the…

…with a week to go before “The Death Of Me“, the sophomore album from Australian Progressive Metalcore act Polaris becomes music to our ears, they’ve landed their third single from it to entice you into a pre-order. The follow up to “Masochist” and “Hypermania” comes in the form of “Landmine“. Oh and don’t forget about

Bootleg: “The Remedy” from Polaris!

Australian Progressive Metalcore act Polaris have been around the Globe several times in support of their debut album “The Mortal Coil” and with upcoming sophomore album “The Death Of Me” now firmly on the horizon, here’s one of the songs that got our attention. Pro-Shot in Berlin Germany on 11th December during their stint on

Bootleg: Varials in Los Angeles!

Probably the least expected of the bands on the bill for the May UK leg of “The Death Of Me” tour from Polaris are Philadelphia Pennsylvanian quintet Varials. Not because they’re not a decent band, they’re a great addition, but because we expected them to be headlining their own run or on a co-headlining tour

NEWS: Polaris go for “Hypermania” as second single!

A new single from Polaris with their sophomore major label album “The Death Of Me” appearing via SharpTone Records on 21st February seemed imminent. The fact that they’ve chosen to give us the brilliant “Hypermania“, a song that we’ve heard from them live already and play their cards close to their chest with the remainder

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2020!

The Metal Noise Award Season is in full swing with our short lists appearing daily between Christmas and New Year that look both back upon the Metal World of 2019 and forward to what 2020 may bring. Today we’re looking at our Top 5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2020, which actually includes more than one

Interview: Polaris talk “The Death Of Me” #1!

Australian Progressive Metalcore act Polaris have been making waves with “The Mortal Coil” and on 21st February their sophomore album “The Death Of Me” will appear via SharpTone Records. It’s going to be a huge moment for the five piece and with a pair of songs in “Hypermania” and “Masocist” out already, they’ve taken a