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NEW: The Dialectic fire up the machine!

Texas Deathcore brutes The Dialectic were rebuilt from the ground up for their return record “A Falsehood Defined” but managed to ink a deal in blood with Seek & Strike records. Now, two years on, on the eve of the release of a second EP “Crawl To The Throne” from that line up the band

NEWS: It’s all out war for The Dialectic!

A new found confidence owing to their signing with Seek & Strike Records meant that as soon as their current EP “A Falsehood Defined” breached, Texas Deathcore collective The Dialectic started the writing phase of a follow up. That record is set for 17th November and titled “Crawl To The Throne” with a concept “…about

Bootleg: The Dialectic in San Antonio Texas!

When now infusing their Deathcore roots with Melodic Death Metal vibes the returning The Dialectic signed to Seek & Strike Records for the release of 2022’s “A Falsehood Defined“. As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one year, a run of shows with label mates Upon A Burning Body saw the band playing the Vibes

Bootleg: The Dialectic in Texas!

As “A Falsehood Defined” continues to ring in our ears having marked not only the return of The Dialectic with a new line up but also their Seek And Strike label debut, the band have shared a performance of the opening pair of cuts “Doom Foretold” and “Where Gods Tread Not” from their set at Nacogdoches in

Throwback: “Misbegotten One” from The Dialectic!

Long before they signed to Seek & Strike Records, before “Agony Anthem” and before Dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Texas residents The Dialectic were gearing up for the release of their self titled album with the release of a Chris Todd directed music video for “Misbegotten One“. That was six years ago in May 2016 with

NEWS: The Dialectic share “A Falsehood Defined”!

If you missed it, then stop reading this right now and go and listen to “A Falsehood Defined” by the newly reformed Texas heavy hitting collective The Dialectic. Your ear canals will thank you. The creators of “Agony Anthem” who  returned a new line up, a new EP and the news of signing to Seek

Review: “A Falsehood Defined” by The Dialectic

It was a sorry state of affairs when Tyler Texas Deathcore heat bringers The Dialectic were forced to call time on their illustrious career in February 2020 with a painful video from vocalist Mitch Howie explaining how after a decade of aggression line up changes had taken their toll but just as swift as their

Interview: The Dialectic talk “A Falsehood Defined”!

Filmed back stage at what could well be their 27th February show at Arcadia Bar & Grill in Huston Texas where they shared a stage with Snake Father, a new interview about their return EP “A Falsehood Defined” has landed from vocalist Mitch Howie and guitarist Josh McGuire of The Dialectic. The duo are essentially the

Bootleg: The Dialectic in Amarillo Texas!

The return of Agony Anthem creators The Dialectic seemed impossible after their exit stage left due to another wave of line up changes but one should never say never and their resurrection from the dead couldn’t have been bolder with new single “Deadlands” as well as the announcement of their signing to Seek & Strike

NEWS: The Dialectic return to the “Deadlands”!

Following their resurrection from the dead The Dialectic have announced their signing to Seek & Strike Records, the label home of Upon A Burning Body, Exist Immortal and Orbit Culture to name but a few. The Texas natives will be dropping a new EP in winter 2022 which suggests it’s going to be January or February