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Review: “The Encompassing Nothing” by Thorn

Weaving elements of Death Metal, Doom, Post-Metal and Grind, the debut release from Phoenix Arizona based one man project Thorn is the ideal soundscape for worshiping pagan gods and making offerings to unknown entities while going feral in schizophrenic madness. As a musician, you may know Thorn as the guitarist from Xeno Ooze and Glitterbomb

NEWS: Thorn leaves the “Fields of Blight”!

If you’re a fan of  Xeno Ooze or Glitterbomb then you’ll probably know what we’re about to say. Guitarist Thorn has got a full length record coming out as a solo project on 18th September with “Fields of Blight” being cut from it for as a single. Phoenix, Arizona based “The Encompassing Nothing” is a