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Throwback: “Deathrider” by Anthrax!

Setting the Cat amongst the Pigeons it’s time for a controversial throwback to get the week set off right. Back in 2004 Anthrax recorded an album made up of 14 tracks from their 1983 to 1990 era with their current line-up so that John Bush sung tracks originally released with Joey Belladonna and Neil Turbin

Review: “XXV” EP by Solitary

Hitting a milestone anniversary is always a call for celebration, the question is simply “how?”. In the case of 80’s Thrashers Solitary, who are also rejoined after an 18 year gap by original bassist Gaz Harrop, they signed up for Bloodstock. While working on a new album for 2020, vocalist/guitarist Rich Sherrington, lead guitarist Andy