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NEWS: It’s “Crowing of Swans” for Nemecic!

The crowning glory of the sophomore album “The Last Magic In Practice” from Finnish Melodic Death Metallers Nemecic has to be “Crowing of Swans“, loaded with downtuned guitars, double bass and ripping solos. Shot on 30th October at Tanssisali Lutakko where they shared the stage with Wolfheart and Atlas Northcore by Tuomas Saukkonen, it’s the perfect

NEWS: Nemecic continue the ritual…

What a time it is to be alive if you’re in Finnish Melodic Death metal act Nemecic. As they tip-toe to the release of their second record “The Last Magic in Practice” via Inverse Records on 29th October, they’ve only gone and blown the budget on their first ever music video. The third single from