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NEWS: HIVE fire warning shot with “The False Hydra”!

If like us your ears are still ringing from “The Mirthless Kind” by Chicago Progressive Deathcore ringleaders HIVE then it’s time to get some proper ear protection because things are about to take a turn for the heavier. They’re going to drop debut album “Exuviae” via Blood Blast Distribution on 3rd June and it’s been

Playthrough: “Deimos” from Hive!

Inking a deal with Blood Blast Distribution, the imprint label of Nuclear Blast for their new album “Exuviae“, 3rd June looks set to be one hell of a day if first single “Deimos” is anything to go by. We’re talking about Chicago Deathcore loving DJentlemen HIVE as just a few days after the single and

NEWS: HIVE share “Deimos” and announce “Exuviae”!

Purveyors of Progressive Deathcore from Chicago Hive have announced the end of the reign of “The Mirthless Kind” with the first single “Deimos” from their debut full length album “Exuviae” on the tombstone for 3rd June, complete with music video by Spencer Lestina. The album credits the studio of Humanity’s Last Breath Mastermind, Producer and

NEWS: HIVE get bloody with “Khashoggi”!

Having long past its first anniversary, Chicago Illinois Dark Progressive Metallers HIVE have gone back to EP “The Mirthless Kind” mixed and mastered by former The Acacia Strain guitarist Daniel Laskiewicz to give “Khashoggi” the full blood red carpet treatment having not been able to do so the first time around due to the Great

NEWS: HIVE hallucinate to “Khashoggi”!

Another vocalist appearing on the forthcoming aforementioned Mitch Lucker and Suicide Silence “The Cleansing” tribute album is Juan Medina of HIVE. His band have unveiled a visualiser for “Khashoggi” from their brilliant “The Mirthless Kind”, with the Chicago Illinois Dark Progressive Metallers known for their paralyzing riffs. It’s mixed and mastered by former The Acacia

NEWS: HIVE have no love for Death Grips?

Not being content with vocalist Juanye West lending his throat to “The Disease” from the  upcoming Deathcore tribute version of “The Cleansing” by Suicide Silence, Chicago Dark Progressive Metal act HIVE have dropped a cover of “No Love” by Death Grips. The Suicide Silence tribute album will be out mid-May with a three track sampler

NEWS: Hive are still The Mirthless Kind!

If you missed it, Chicago Illinois Dark Atmospheric Progressive Metal quintet HIVE dropped “The Mirthless Kind” at the tail end of 2019 and with the help of former The Acacia Strain guitarist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz who handled a re-amp, mix & master and Cameron Losch who added keys and some atmospherics, it sounds great. They’ve

Review: “The Mirthless Kind” by HIVE

Three years after their self titled debut and a pair of stand alone singles in 2018’s “Pale Black” and “Abdicate”, Chicago Illinois Dark Atmospheric Progressive Metal quintet HIVE are bank. They’ve brought with them a new 6 track offering with Guitarist duo Pierre Worth and Mike Shanahan joined by vocalist Juanye West and a rhythm

NEWS: “Nature Is Predation” from HIVE!

Thanks in no small part to former The Acacia Strain guitarist Daniel DL Laskiewicz and Cameron Loach, HIVE dropped a fresh EP entitled “The Mirthless Kind” this past weekend. The Chicago Illinois quintet call themselves Progressive Metal though we’re of the belief they’re way heavier than they give themselves credit for. Here’s “Nature Is Predation”

NEWS: HIVE stare into the abyss!

Mixed & Mastered job from former The Acacia Strain guitarist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz (Bury Your Dead), Chicago Illinois Evil Groove crew HIVE have unveiled a second single in 10 days. “Bellow” is the 3rd single from a 6 track EP called “The Mirthless Kind” due out 1st November…