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Playthrough: “Aeons Torn” from Inferi!

Continuing their run of playthrough videos and celebration of the fact that you can get all of the guitar and bass tabs in book form for “Of Sunless Realms” and “The Path of Apotheosis” over at Sheet Happens here alongside artists such as Bleed From Within and Archspire, Nashville Tennessee Death Metallers Inferi have tasked

Documentary: Riff Dissection #5 from Inferi!

“The skies have grown black, With infidelities that cannot be undone, Those who hide in darkness feel the solace of execution, Adversity has stormed the walls and gates that we adore, Descending fast upon us, Mere flesh to feed the steel of our swords…“ Dissecting the main riff from “Marching Through the Flames of Tyranny”

Documentary: Riff Dissection #3 from Inferi!

…and Juliet cried “Inferi, Inferi, wherefore art thou Inferi?” Eight months after the second part of their riff dissection series, American Technical Melodic Death Metallers from Nashville Tennessee Inferi have put guitarist Malcom Pugh in front of the camera once more. Why? To take apart a riff from “The Promethean Kings” from the bands 2014

Playthrough “The Promethean Kings” from Inferi!

Which brings us neatly (?) and seamlessly (?) to some some ear splitting Technical Death Metal (?) with Inferi guitarist duo Malcolm Pugh playing a Kiesel Aries 6 and Mike Low playing an ESP E-II Horizon-III. The song? “The Promethean Kings” from their album “The Path of Apotheosis“!