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NEWS: Ice Nine Kills can’t help falling in love?

Ice Nine Kills maybe a Theatricore band known for their love of putting their spin on someone else’s song, including Adele, Taylor Swift, Green Day and Maroon 5 to name but a few, but Elvis is a whole other realm of… “Roses are red, violets are blue and Ice Nine Kills have a blood soaked, Valentine’s surprise

Playthrough: “Merry Axe-Mas” from Ice Nine Kills!

Filmed by Adam Reed, Ice Nine Kills have tasked drummer Patrick Galante with bringing home the bacon. So this Christmas Eve he’s gone with a playthrough of “Merry Axe-Mas” from “The Silver Scream” to see Santa home. If you missed it, they dropped “I Heard They KILL Live” via Century Media just in time for

Documentary: Ice Nine Kills buy Jaws memorabilia!

So Ice Nine Kills are the proud owners of the Harpoon Gun used in classic horror film Jaws? This new mini documentary explains how that came about and who doesn’t love enhancing their memorabilia collection? A couple of weeks back the band dropped a welcome addition to their catalogue with an acoustic EP recorded at

Bootleg: “Enjoy Your Slay” from Ice Nine Kills!

Does a band who spend more than nine months of the year on the road still consider their home town home? Connecticut might be the place that Ice Nine Kills call home but… The road calls. Here’s “Enjoy Your Slay” from their set at The Overlooked Hotel in acoustic form. It’s part of a new

Documentary: Ice Nine Kills take their revenge on Disney!

Back in April, Connecticut Theatricore Masters Ice Nine Kills were set to play at The Walt Disney owned House Of Blues in Orlando Florida, but… the show did not go on (!) as the owners claimed the bands music was, “too evil for children”. Disney permanently banished the group from stepping foot anywhere on Mickey

Interview: 25 questions with Ice Nine Kills!

Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas plays 25 questions with Impericon, in their usually hilarious choose one or die format. He’s got this one down however with his answers being as enigmatic or eclectic as some of the questions. The deluxe version of their horror film themed theatricore record “The Silver Scream” is out now

Listmania: Ice Nine Kills Horror Film Recommendations!

Getting together with Alternative Press, Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spencer Charnas has taken to the small screen to recommend 10 of his favourite horror films that you might enjoy during this lockdown season. For those not in the know, he’s a film fanatic and these are some that inspired the bands current album “The Silver

Playthrough: “Your Number’s Up” from Ice Nine Kills!

Today’s offering from the Guitar World Sick Riffs series sees Ice Nine Kills guitarist Dan Sugarman pick up his seven string and show you how to play their theatricore cut “Your Number’s Up“. The song appears on the bands horror themed “The Silver Scream“, the deluxe version of which sees a number of guest appearances

Bootleg: Ice Nine Kills in Philadelphia!

25th November 2019 saw Ice Nine Kills American Nightmare tour stop at The Theatre for Living Arts in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Culled from their set on th night, Mosh Pit TV have thrown us “Thank God It’s Friday“, “Communion Of The Cursed” and of course “The American Nightmare“. The deluxe version of “The Silver Scream” complete