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NEWS: Whitechapel give us the live album we crave!

“We decided to record the audio from our 7th annual hometown Christmas benefit show in 2022 where we played a mixed set from our albums ‘The Valley’ and ‘Kin’. We thought this would be a good way to close the chapter on these albums before we start recording our 9th album. The audio was recorded,

NEWS: Whitechapel trust Brodsky for “Without You/Without Us”!

Bringing the bloodstained crushed velvet curtain down on the saga of “Kin” in style ahead of shows with Thy Art Is Murder, Spite and Fit For An Autopsy, the Deathcore transcending Whitechapel have released a music video for “Without You/Without Us”. They’ve spent a few quid on it too with David Brodsky for My Good Eye:

NEWS: Whitechapel seek and find…

Timing as they say is everything and just a handful of days before a US run with Archspire, Signs Of The Swarm and Entheos that celebrates their stunning 2019 album “The Valley“, Progressive Deathcore beasts Whitechapel have unveiled a music video. Directed by David Brodsky (Cattle Decapitation, Revocation), the visual is for “I Will Find

Playthrough: “The Ones That Made Us” from Whitechapel!

While he may no longer be part of Deathcore transcending American act Whitechapel, Alex Rudinger is still an incredible drummer and solely responsible for percussive battery on their current album “Kin“. He’s shared what he promises is the first of four one take playthrough videos for cuts from that record in “The Ones That Made

NEWS: Whitechapel prepare for War…

Deathcore transcending Whitechapel have have shared a music video for “Anticure” from their brilliant new album “Kin“, their first with drummer extrodinare Alex Rudinger. While we await European tour dates around that album having lost out on shows around “The Valley“, the band will be hitting the road in the US with Cannibal Corpse, Shadow

Review: “Kin” by Whitechapel

After the huge success of the critically acclaimed “The Valley” there can be little doubt that in transcending Deathcore, Whitechapel have struck their richest vein of song writing through years of dedication to their craft. If there was any doubt that the fans are loving what they are now hearing from the band, you only

NEWS: Whitechapel talk “Kin” with The Metal Tris!

On the eve of the release of the new Whitechapel album “Kin” via Metal Blade Records, guitarist Ben Savage chats to The Metal Tris about how they created it after the critically acclaimed “The Valley” as a continuation of the lyrical thematic. As they continue to transcend Deathcore the band have stretched their wings and

Playthrough: “Orphan” from Whitechapel!

…with Alex Rudinger no longer just a casual affair and now officially married into the  Deathcore transcending Whitechapel, the quality of his musicianship has been witnessed in his first studio work with them. Three singles down and Metal Blade Records must be licking  their lips at the prospect of the reception of the bands upcoming

Documentary: Behind the lyrics of “Orphan” with Whitechapel!

Each single from the upcoming Whitechapel record “Kin” has so far seen a drum playthrough video from Alex Rudinger as well as guitar playthroughs and lyrical breakdowns, serving to add fuel to the fire of anticipation for the thematical follow up to their critically acclaimed “The Valley“. So in the now time honoured tradition, here’s

NEWS: Whitechapel left orphaned…

Having the luxury of producer Mark Lewis producing his fifth Whitechapel album in a row while tracking at guitarist Zach Householder’s home studio can only have given the Deathcore heavyweights the most relaxed working environment for the creation of upcoming album “Kin“. Having already shared a pair of singles mixed by David Castillo (Leprous, Carcass,