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Review: “Death Of Divinity” by Foreign Pain

As everyone knows, they say that good things come to those who wait and for Los Angeles Californian Metallic Hardcore quintet Foreign Pain, a band who have spend five years writing their debut album since forming in 2016, the question is, has it been worth it? As a record, it is said to explore themes

Documentary: The Making Of “Monomyth” by The Warriors #4!

You know what time it is. Pure Noise Records have delivered episode #4 of the making of “Monomyth” by The Warriors! A shorter outing from the highly influential Hardcore Punks, this one… Go and check out the album! It’s just 27 minutes long and features a raft of guest appearances including from Winston McCall and

Documentary: The Making Of “Monomyth” by The Warriors #3!

You know it’s that time. Three in three days from Pure Noise Records as they do a classic chop shop move and segmented the making of “Monomyth“, a brand new guest appearance loaded album from The Warriors into 10 minute bite size chunks to give you a daily dose. We’re not going to name them

Documentary: The Making Of “Monomyth” by The Warriors #2!

The Warriors now based in Oxnard, California with a back catalogue of work heavily influenced by the likes of Rage Against The Machine and Snapcase, must have tipped their hat to Knocked Loose when they released their cover of “Slings And Arrows“. It put the name back in peoples minds after nearly a decade of

Documentary: The Making Of “Monomyth” by The Warriors!

Returning with their first album in nearly a decade, The Warriors sunk the knife in with “Monomyth” on 13th December via Pure Noise Records, the follow up to 2011’s “See How You Are”. It’s an album with a number of notible guest appearances including on single “The Painful Truth”, which features Parkway Drive frontman Winston

Review: “Mistakes Like Fractures” EP by Knocked Loose

Knocked Loose hail from Oldham County California and specialise in the kind of Metallic Hardcore that gets pits started. They’ve toured their 2016 album “Laugh Tracks” to death and become a favourite on the Festival circuit and will be back upon our shores for next month’s Slam Dunk. Sessions with Uber producer extrodinaire and Fit

NEWS: Knocked Loose surprise release EP!

Oldham County Californian Metallic Hardcore favourites Knocked Loose have dropped a new 3 track EP today. Entitled “Mistakes Like Fractures”, it’s available for download upon purchasing a vinyl edition due out 10th May here. There are a pair of brand new songs and a cover with the title track getting the full music video treatment.