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NEWS: TheCityIsOurs get Dangerous…

When it comes down to it there are some bands who leave you wondering just how many tracks will be left to hear for the first time on album release day and one of those is TheCityIsOurs. They have thus far done a fine impression of Viking raiders and raped, pillaged, looted and burned their

NEWS: TheCityIsOurs know you will be the “Death Of Me”!

It might not be out until October 22nd but that hasn’t stopped Arising Empire from giving us a third music video from “Coma” by TheCityIsOurs ahead of the bands September and November tour dates with Our Hollow Our Home, For I Am King and Chuggaboom. The single “Death Of Me” follows “Violent” and the title

Review: “Burn In The Flood” by Our Hollow Our Home

The often used words “highly anticipated” rarely apply as much to any release as they do to “Burn In The Flood” by South Coast Metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home. It marks their third album since the colossal debut “Hartsick” in 2017 as the band have stood in defiance of the industry and remain steadfastly

NEWS: Our Hollow Our Home search for better days…

…and lets face it, most of us are right now because life during the Pandemic is lacking in pizazz. In the words of JJ Peters, all we want to do is party and bulls*** and all we have is Costa Del Sofa. Well very soon our s*** is going to be like radiator water once

NEWS: ThisCityIsOurs announce new album “Coma”!

It may be six months away but with their new single “Coma“, recent Arising Empire signings ThisCityIsOurs have announced at their sophomore album of the same name will be appearing via the label on 22nd October! The follow up to the well received “Low” is already available for pre-order here as on the single streams and

Playthrough: “Violent” from TheCityIsOurs!

Another band embracing a new era with a new vocalist as well as inking a deal with a major label are TheCityIsOurs who of course let the cat out of the bag with single “Violent” via Arising Empire last month. That new vocalist is Oli Duncanson, who replaced Sam Stolliday following his departure last year

NEWS: TheCityIsOurs get violent with Arising Empire!

There simply had to be new material from TheCityIsOurs ahead of their run with Chuggaboom and For I Am King in support of Our Hollow Our Home which cross Europe in September and perhaps the first of a few offerings has now appeared in “Violent“. We say perhaps because the band have been dropping a

NEWS: Our Hollow, Our Home premier “Burn In The Flood”!

The hints at new material from South coast Metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home have been floating around cyberspace for some time with the title of their upcoming 2021 European tour trek in September and November with For I Am King, TheCityIsOurs and ChuggaBoom being the biggest of all. So finally, the wait is over

NEWS: ChuggaBoom have got issues?

It’s official. We’re about 22 hours behind ChuggaBoom launching their daily dose of Advent Metal Madness, which means that Day #7 has only 63 minutes to run before the next cut could potentially appear. What can we say? S*** happens? Better late then never? Who has got time for that cliched ol’ Bulls***? Crack open

NEWS: Our Hollow Our Home announce huge 2021 tour!

Southcoast Metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home have announced a huge European tour trek for the final quarter of 2021 with For I Am King, TheCityIsOurs and ChuggaBoom in support, except for the opening pair of dates when Dream Awake will perform. The band, who celebrated the fifth anniversary of “Feast For The Crows” back